Gender Vision




The human soul is identical in both women and men, but it manifests in two ways that lead through a journey of different perceptions and faculties in service upon the material plane, and eventually back to Source.

The genders reflect the Feminine and Masculine Principles through the activity of the etheric vortices that constitute the mold for their physical structure. But the Principles are not synonymous to the male and female sex, even as they incorporate beautifully the awakened sensibility and expression of gender style.

We must not confuse the Oriental principles of Yin and Yang with the Feminine and Masculine Principles. Each gender contains within itself Yin and Yang modalities, but each is also whole and unique. Dependence and co-dependence are euphemisms that depict vestiges of a dying era of honorable male dominance and willing feminine subjugation. Fulfilment is not dependent upon any strength or weakness. The inbuilt structure of each gender is wholly autonomous, perfectly capable of full performance and realisation. There is no need for compromise. The human preoccupation with “helping” the other in this sense, is wholly […]

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