Gender Authenticity




Whereas male expression in our current social order may alter, during the transition into the new manifestation, the role of men does not change in nature. It merely adapts to insure the correct function of the perspectives implemented by the women, providing stability through the handling and administration of form. Just as women so long ago transitioned from leading nations and war to exclusively safekeeping the integrity and future of the race, guarding sensitivity in the world.

Thus women’s abilities went underground. They became advisors and the most intelligent men have always recognized them as such, essential to strategy and decision-making. Women learned to exert influence through suggestion and innuendo; giving men the space they needed in order to push forth the evolutionary strain. Women always represented nourishment and always will. Men always represented outer strength and stability and always will.

At the current moment, women cannot yet distinguish what is authentic within them, that which springs from their depths as immeasurable and unseen, and cannot be “done” because it does not yet have a form. Current beliefs diminish the capacity […]

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