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Series on Feminine Mysteries, Part II

Feminine Mysteries is the legacy of womankind. Its nature mirrors that which occurs within and through women’s inner structure, a non-rational, direct immersion into the continuous movement of the universe. Some might call it Chaos, but rather than disorder this dynamic discloses Truth. In occult schools of development this range of experience is a fundamental requirement for initiation into advanced practices for both genders, because it opens the door to that which exists beyond the linear mind and the physical senses. This is why its processes are called “mysteries”. For men they are mysterious but for women their indefinable mechanism is commonplace.

In the Egyptian formula the “lesser” Moon mysteries of Isis (the feminine) opened the way for the “higher” Ossyrian or solar mysteries (the masculine) that teach the directing and structuring of life forces. Both stages are to be lived and not merely understood. Each develops a peculiarity of gender with the purpose of creating balance and evoking the construction of a better world jointly.

Humanity has undergone many evolutionary […]

A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part III (Final)

Planck Mission, Matter in the Observable Universe

A CALL TO EXECUTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN– Part III  (originally published 2013)

What usually stops a woman from discovering and then attaining to her fullness is her often-unintentional emotional involvement with her surrounding world.  This characteristic defines her difficulty as well as her inimitable strength in the energy-world ruled by sensitivity as a tool, richer and more accurate than intuition.

Nobody has the right to dictate what you are, what you wish, or to impose the direction of your life. You determine this yourself, based on a clear perception of causes, and the probable effects that you set into motion. This implies the conscious and deliberate knowledge and management of your own energies, as the prerequisite for the management of your world.

Self mastery doesn’t happen through nice behaviour; it requires hard work in going against the tide.  It consists in clearing up all that is not real in your world, the beliefs, the illusions, the superficial, the obsession with purely cutaneous sensations, and the addiction to the intensity of false emotions.  It requires effort […]



Enlightened woman has always remained silent.  The reason is simple: her feminine nature is non-verbal.  Her evolution and expansion of Consciousness is illogical, supra rational and nuclear.

Amma, Mother Meera and so many evolved women wordlessly transmit an irradiation that catalyzes an internal energetic and planetary activity.  It is no more and no less important than the function that man exerts; it is different.

Women today are no longer silent.  We know how to handle ideas and concepts of varied abstractions.  We can be logical and rational.  We fulfill the same roles as men.  It is time to speak clearly about what a woman’s path consists of and how her constitution affects human behavior, changes structures, and develops unprecedented systems.  The “new”, the upcoming, is Feminine and “feminine” is cellular.

When I lived in India for over a decade, I was told that a woman does not have a “kundalini”; she IS Kundalini.  It took a while to understand what that meant.  I also heard that there are two spiritual paths for humanity.  One is called “Netti-netti”, the ascetic path.  The other […]

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