esoteric fairs



The latest discoveries in science tend to corroborate age-old metaphysical principles and conscientious researchers in both fields are keen to integrate them into our world.  Equally avid, imitators, attention-seekers, and marketing experts provide the public with gadgets, tricks, programs and products that simulate spiritual technology.

Gatherings organized to inform the public about the dynamics of spirit fall into two main groupings and, unfortunately, the distinction between the two kinds of activity, as well as their purpose, is often blurred.  Any intelligent person who lives outside the range of the New Age mentality is bound to confuse categories and dismiss them both.   Here is perhaps why.     

Congresses and Conferences tend to be educational as well as informative, well documented, and often revolve around a theme.  They can be as challenging as they can be boring and overly complicated. The subjects range from health research to quantum physics.  During the course of a series of talks, books and subsidiary material is made available.  Spiritual or “Mystical” Fairs, on the other hand are lively, eclectic and more obviously commercial, packed with […]

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