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THE FEMININE IMPERATIVE: Cornerstone for Global Change

Climate changes, gender issues, slavery, and animal rights are discussed at great length while business goes on as usual. Do we rely any less on oil and toxic chemicals? Do women respect themselves for who and what they are, rather than what they do? Does trafficking of people diminish, and individual women, men, and children acquire more importance than expected performance? Does the exploitation of species, and more precisely subtle forms of domestic animal abuse cease? And most of all, do we consider how our personal lives include power plays, forms of torture, and negotiation bordering on cheap barter and extorted privilege? We lie and cheat one another and ourselves every second of our waking life while paying lip service to imagined ethics.

Something is wrong when questioning is prized over living the question and we content ourselves with theoretical probes and exceptions. Intelligent issues are not always coherent with the quality of the lives of those who phrase them. What might be looms larger than what is. And numbers, statistics, titles, charts…persistently replace the […]



“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet… Romeo, doff thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee, take all myself.” (William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”)

Woman is one with Nature.  As a force, she controls without intending to; she follows without submitting.  She embodies the spirit of cooperation, not because she reasons it out but because her nature embraces the whole.

Can anything be greater than the miracle and vastness of Creation?  At her core a woman is the totality of the life forces that engender creation, but it seems that this is not enough.  Unawares, a woman persistently defines herself, chooses to be defined, and sets out to fulfil the expectations of others.  What does it take to see that her opinions of herself are controlled by others, and by a patriarchal model of the past?

To answer the proverbial question, “who am I?” instead of becoming aware of ourselves feeling, we look to references, precedent, opinions and expectations with the hope that others […]


THE RADICAL SHIFT (original text 2011)


Power is automatically associated with physical control, either direct or implied.  It seems natural that men hold it vis à vis the external world and women in the inner realms. The fact that this division has existed for as long as we can remember, reflecting the nature and energetic structure of the genders, does not mean that women and men are not equally endowed for all modalities of power. Still, the physical and mental forms have dominated our world up to now, and for a reason.  Women were not equipped to handle it in the manner and to the extent to which it is being wielded today.

It would seem that a certain amount of stability and security is needed before a more subtle expression of power can prevail. Woman stands revealed in her power as priestess, as mother of the race, and ancient sage.  Here she is recognised, her influence paramount, although always in the background, allowed or disallowed by the establishment.  If we search for notable women in antiquity, we […]



Once Upon a Parallel Timelessness

In response to a series of commentaries on FB regarding the international political scenario, an old friend said something that put a brief halt to all our speculation. He asked, “Am I willing to do what it takes to let go of what isn’t right?”

Am I willing…?

Is it that simple?

Imagine a civilization that is based on equality at all levels. Where care and fairness reign. Where people know how to be with one another, fully, and truly share. Where all living things are honored. Where there is dialogue, and beyond verbal clarity there is understanding. Where there is no separation between personality and spirit. Where everyone is powerful and there are no control issues. Instead there is spontaneity and naturalness. This is a place where grievances are righted by education and joint effort, and where everyone feels responsible because everyone is sensitive to one another and to the environment.

The words “love” and “light” are wholly unnecessary.

Where could this be? Is it an ancient tribe somewhere, forgotten […]

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