Preliminary Steps and Kinds of Connection


What happens?

How am I affected?


I. Observation and Sensitivity

Learn to observe, identify and administer your energies in daily life. Our school teaches the method of Introspection (http://www.lamujerinterior.es/en/know-thyself/), whereby you learn to distinguish physical energies from emotional and mental frequencies, in order to identify, alter, and neutralise them.

Through the direct experience of each type of energy, we become proficient in modulating energies in order to introduce more constructive forms of expression. We learn thought-management and balance without repressing, condemning, or blocking the natural flow of life through us. We learn how to re-channel and re-qualify it.

This now allows for discrimination and selectivity. We identify the energetic framework of conditions and understand how they affect us. This is where the journey begins, when we choose and modulate deliberately, rather than instinctively ward off negativity or recur to automatic offensive-defensive maneuvers. Self-growth is the natural consequence of sensibility and observation, where we substitute refined thought, feeling and sensation upon our body network and […]



I have been training people in Inner Alchemy for thirty years and it is always a challenge to describe its methods without using terms that imply “doing” and the acquisition of knowledge. Inner Alchemy cannot be compared to ordinary instruction or any form of therapy. The training is not about information and abilities but about a catalytic process of transformation that begins within the individual and extends into reverberations that affect the universe.

Human transformation is a difficult process. No amount of understanding or traditional learning can qualitatively alter ego-structure because restructuring does not involve a decision or the activation of the linear mind; on the contrary. Alchemical transformation occurs by grace of soul and spirit involvement beyond the rational mind. The individual must separate itself from its identifications and stand firmly in an energetic identity that is formless. Unless the personality is under the conscious command of higher will, and its connection with spirit is clear and firm, alchemical operations are impossible.

Only a human being in alliance with planetary and cosmic forces can execute an alchemical operation. The […]


The Laws of Life: Series in Four Parts

Part IV: Bridging Matter and Spirit

When we transgress humane principles, just as we break the laws of society and must pay the consequences, we will reap the effects of what we have sown. We step out of the protection of the Law of Consciousness and ensconce ourselves in the turbid waters of the multiple laws of matter handled and interpreted by the shadows. Living as we do in a global society that upholds self-pleasure and convenience, mutual exploitation and secrets as sine qua non, most people don’t want to know about the dynamics that determine life. People find it difficult to accept the activity that takes place behind and under the scene of their own lives, through their own doing.  However little we may find it attractive, there is no way around the Laws of Life.

We need to understand and learn to manage all conditions in our life courageously, reaping the joy and satisfaction that come from authentic freedom and discovering ourselves, our faculties, powers and talents, and our inviolable connection with Truth, […]



The latest discoveries in science tend to corroborate age-old metaphysical principles and conscientious researchers in both fields are keen to integrate them into our world.  Equally avid, imitators, attention-seekers, and marketing experts provide the public with gadgets, tricks, programs and products that simulate spiritual technology.

Gatherings organized to inform the public about the dynamics of spirit fall into two main groupings and, unfortunately, the distinction between the two kinds of activity, as well as their purpose, is often blurred.  Any intelligent person who lives outside the range of the New Age mentality is bound to confuse categories and dismiss them both.   Here is perhaps why.     

Congresses and Conferences tend to be educational as well as informative, well documented, and often revolve around a theme.  They can be as challenging as they can be boring and overly complicated. The subjects range from health research to quantum physics.  During the course of a series of talks, books and subsidiary material is made available.  Spiritual or “Mystical” Fairs, on the other hand are lively, eclectic and more obviously commercial, packed with […]

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