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Every instant of every minute is composed of microseconds of what we might regard as meaningless chaos.  Life resembles a series of disparate occurrences mysteriously and finely woven over the backdrop of Infinity.  Woman and man learn to administrate the currents of appearance to construct a meaning that might soften the depth of the abyss that always lies within.

We grow with the conviction that we need something to become what we wish, to do what we like, or simply to be happy.  We hardly tolerate the intensity of the void that insinuates itself in bottomless aloneness.  We know without knowing that we are but a drop in the chaos of the Infinite… and we negate it.

Everyone goes through a stage of passionate search outside.  In this phase we do not distinguish physical needs from emotional ones, or those of the soul.  We want to be “together” with something safe, something greater, or someone with whom we may share it all.  In women, the emotional resonance of this is almost obsessive.  In men, the needs are slightly different, but equally compelling.

Implacably, […]



In the 1950’s when I started schooling, little girls were brought up to please, make babies, and look pretty. The only avenue for growth available to the female gender was a “good” academic education. But, it offered a dubious freedom. Rote learning had been left behind a decade earlier, but not the mentality behind it. Learning and information were stressed while understanding and sensitivity were enigmatically left to fate or to the imagination. Inbred feminine survival instinct kept women repressed and neurotic on the inside, while carefully molding an appearance of acceptable freedom.

In 1965 I received a degree from an Ivy League university and a year later another. Rather than grant me freedom, my intellectual development only augmented a sense of alienation. The aggressive climate of politics, racism, continuous sensory assault, the feminist liberation campaign and other movements both diffused and exacerbated complexities, focusing almost exclusively on behavioral display and surface relief of tensions. Oppression and violence, rampant military regimes, leftist revolutions, and hopeless death tolls in the name of human rights defined the […]




(For information on the dynamics of gender energies, refer to the “Parallel Journeys”, available at this website.)

It is important to understand that Inner Woman and Inner Man are concepts that refer to the embodiment of the Feminine or Masculine Principles according to the awakened consciousness of an individual and his or her circle of possibilities. Excellence represents an aware, humble, active acknowledgment of capacities and the need for involvement in life. There can be no generalisation Rather than “enlightenment” the term implies realisation in a very human, individual, as well as social sense.

This article in particular responds to the insistent, although not unkind prodding I have received from so many men to describe my conception of The Inner Man. If it appears that I have ignored men’s needs, it is only because so little is known about female authenticity. Woman needs to understand and come to terms with the depths she embodies before she can make her unique and urgent contribution to society. In a sense men and all of Creation are waiting for women […]

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