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Know Thyself X: Personality is a Thought-Form

It is honorable to fight for what one believes in, for what one feels passionately about, what one loves and holds as an Ideal in a world that gives us freedom of expression.  These may define what we like and enjoy, but to go so far as to say that they define who we are is inappropriate.  It is a strange world where a person identifies him or herself with labels ranging from appearance, character traits, religion, or even sexual preference, saying, “This is what I am!”  These are qualities, feelings and beliefs that surround the empowering inner force.  Society reinforces this expedient process of identification that allows it to handle us as if we were brand names or a breed of cows.  What is worse, far worse, is that we define one another and ourselves in exactly the same way.

A human being is not an object that can be defined. Psychology may observe the behavior of the personality and catalogue it, but it can never label a human being. A human being represents a vast space of possibility; a […]





We are. Always were and always will be

expression of the most complete, most exalted,

delicate perfection.


Even without knowing how, we illumine everything around us

through a smile, through a loving regard,

through the laughter of a child

or through the wise hand of the adult extending itself in guidance.


Because we are the instrument of Creation Itself,

uniting in ourselves all the Orders of creation,

from the smallest atom in the simplest element

to the most sublime and powerful archangel.


We are the Consciousness of All That Is.


We are the most beautiful creation

that immaculately reflects the Source.


There is no act or happening that is not part

of the Supreme Energy of the Absolute

in us.

All else is shadow and never was.


The darkness that opposes Love

has no power […]

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