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The Program


The Program is the planetary filter that conditions the behavior of an era.   

A long time ago humanity lost track of the precious knowledge that the human being is free and already equipped with connections that allow it to recognize, link and rule over inner and outer reality.  As the human model, we are designed to construct our own world as autonomous, individual, and fully conscious beings.  We possess the equipment but we do not yet know how to access the structure that will enable us to recognize that, far from being ignorant sheep, we are creators.

Today, when humanity has evolved sufficiently to self-destruct, a consistently niggling feeling surfaces; we sense that somewhere within us lies a key to the freedom and creativity we crave.  We perceive an invisible barrier that prevents us from discovering or even inquiring further and don’t know how to break through.

A rigorous and extremely subtle social program which begun as a measure to safeguard the greater good and assure continuity, has developed into a mighty barrier of multileveled human creation, and […]




Knowing when to step aside requires social maturity. Knowing how to step aside from oneself requires development of Consciousness. It’s not about pushing someone or something aside. It’s not about distancing, adjusting a focus, or imposing artificial neutrality. It entails putting aside all references in order to “see” and “know”.

We use verbal language to think and to evaluate what and how we feel. We compare and remember through images that convey thoughts qualified with feelings. Everything passes through the conscious process of the concrete mind. Even abstraction is based on conceptual units of thought. Observation of every sort goes through the coding and decoding process of the linear mind that uses vocabulary, perpetually seeking fixity and definition.

Our identity is based on impressions and evaluations, as are our relationships, our values, our ideals and our code of ethics. Everything we do goes through this filtering process to be catalogued on a scale. From light to dark, from 0 to 100, from good to bad, there are infinite “relatives”.

Personality is […]



It all begins in the Mother of all things as Feeling 

Vision without center

fathomless possibility

streaming into

a journey of Love-Desire

shaft of limitless diamond light

gauze-like shades of color


falling in delightful rhythm

forms intensely


nothingness and all

as yet unknowing


eternal center and periphery




diaphanous accords

amplitude, rhythmic cadences

perception of multiplicity

shades of light


perennial relationship



reproducing and attuning

this and that

infinite options

Will to Be as longing

versions of Self as different tastes

extending and contracting

space created

by a sigh

transformation, satisfaction and pleasure


a game sparkling in a pocket deep inside, concealed


Diving into narrow emptiness


immersed in textures of Earth

a world designed

ecstasy of dance […]


HUMAN BEINGS FORGOT HOW TO “FEEL” (Article originally appearing in Spanish in the Argentine magazine, “Uno Mismo”)

“Awareness is revolutionary in the same way that the repression of consciousness is anti-revolutionary. … Revolutionary consciousness is Primal Consciousness – an integrated mind freed from the internal realities of pain. Without Primal Consciousness, the neurotic person will externalise his inner conflicts and his rebelliousness will be symbolic.”

“The Primal Revolution, Towards a ‘Real’ World”  by Arthur Janov Ph.d. 1972.

The ‘60’s were revolutionary in many respects. On the one hand the Beatles erupted and with them a rejection of superficiality and naïve idealism of post World War II. On the other hand, Spain and Latin America fought politically and militarily to free themselves from centuries of formalism. Meanwhile, the East summoned us to the depths of memory and to the awakening of Consciousness.

Those of us who lived those times of cataclysmic social and cultural transformation did it ‘big time’, with excesses and exaggeration, dramatic manifestations, cult to the chaotic in jazz and in the arts, redefinition of […]



Woman Holds the Key to Alchemy.

Whereas medieval alchemy seeks to transform lead into gold, divine alchemy elicits the refinement of matter by entering into affinity with Consciousness as light.

A woman performs Alchemy every time she gives birth, forgives, embraces differences, and every time she touches a human being with the warmth of her fire-light.

As confirmation of things unseen in the sublime terrain of sensitivity, Alchemy, like a woman who knows that form is the shadow of formlessness, is evocative of the primary order of the Universe.  Every operation that goes through the process of her love becomes transformed, uplifted and redeemed.

In the eyes of a woman, Truth stands revealed. 

To be in the moment requires no masks, intermediaries, filters, or conditions. Sensitivity is the jewel in the heart of a woman, for whom life, truth, and godliness, are immediate and direct.

A woman who treads the Path accepts the unknowable as the beginning and the end.

To understand a woman we must stop trying.

When a woman prays the skies opens.  When she cries the earth lies still.  Her […]



Particularly now during the period of changes that result from shifting paradigms, a war is being waged between a certain kind of intellectual and those who believe in the merits of non-linear perception. It has always been so and is perhaps now more pronounced, due to the growing influence of women thinkers and the impact of the New Age.  Its manifestation is silent and invisible until the moment when an “esoteric” point is introduced. Then the critical mind of these intellectuals, who take it upon themselves to sharpen the word into a fine stiletto to defend social rights and preserve the impeccability of Consciousness as defined by them, goes on the offensive.  It is curious how they label “mental” whatever forces them to go beyond their usual system of categorization, anything that obliges them to extend or deepen the experience of the mind.  New perspectives, unless they are backed by extensive quotations and some form of scientific rationale, are highly suspect and come under immediate scrutiny. New Age thinkers whose objective might be to raise awareness […]

Know Thyself IX

KNOW THYSELF IX (sequel to “Know Thyself V, Consciousness”)


The highest aspect of Consciousness available to us in the subtlest of ways is found in Silence. It is the place where Monadic oneness splits as it goes through a sort of prism on its way into the spectrum of our Human condition.  The multiple expression of divinity represents the source of Intelligence, or Mind as we know it.

In some traditions this range of frequencies is call “Elohim”, God as an emanating plurality.  This tremendous source is a peaceful potency of perfect blissfulness, sensed as non-localized pressure at an intuitional level.  There are different gradations of it as movement, rhythm and colour.  Here, the experience of mind and heart is fused into one.  Thinking is absent and so is personal emotion.  Yet the quality of this resonance is both Love and Intelligence.



Everything that we experience here-now we do in time-space through our thinking, sensing and feeling. This describes existence in matter, defining personality and life style. Everything perceived beyond the senses is attained through a state of non-doing or Consciousness, called “Being”. Every human being participates in both matter and consciousness in different degrees of awareness and involvement.


There is an outer world of consensus reality and there is an inner world of subtle perception. The inner world has two aspects: it is psychological and subjective, or it goes beyond this internal script, into the perception of soul and spirit reality. The inner world referred to here is spiritual.


Gender lends special and immutable attributes of force and energy to physical life and functions under natural law. It affects expression that includes everything from the body, to the world.

Both woman and man experience physical life through the same process. For men it is revealed as persistent thought dynamic. For woman it is the pervading quality of the feeling impulse.

Through the way woman is built, in other words […]



Our education is based on linear logic and the scientific model.  Society reinforces debate rather than perception. We learn to think in postures of agreement or disagreement. Acceptance reflects the degree to which we embrace or react to a presentation. Religion has become the domain of dogma, and spirituality is loosely attached to it. This is common reality. In fact, our society rewards us according to the opinions we hold and the beliefs we profess.

People profess opinions, and agree or disagree, or agree to disagree without grasping the core of what is happening, centred as they are on their investment. For many people it is more important to win an argument than to glimpse the truth. At the very worst they suspend judgment and call it “tolerance”. Truth implies feeling and experiencing to reach a single source. The craze is to win at all costs, whether the issue is big or small. This destructive habit of professing a point of view and tenaciously adhering to it distorts understanding. Extremes are favoured rather than neutral, objective reality. […]

Being Right


In our society the survival mechanism has reached great heights of complexity.  From an instinctual body urge it has evolved into a opinionated pursuit of “being right”.  Everyone is political.  It has always puzzled me how people convince and then entrench themselves that their way of looking at life is the only way.  It is rare to find a person who is willing to switch perspectives altogether, and recognize that what the supposed opponent offers is equally valid.

I remember attending a Buddhist demonstration of debating skill. Every monk was trained in rhetoric combined with energy management to arbitrarily and convincingly uphold opposite viewpoints.  This was not just a law school exercise; it was mastery of force, its aim, to discover that truth is one.  Unlike our Buddhist brothers, what we see today is righteous self-deceit.  It is more important to be right than truthful or fair.

We tend to believe that things must be as we want them to be – as they “should” be.  We are convinced of being in control when in fact it is sheer tenacious insistence […]

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