Spirituality is not just something that we do. It IS. Like divinity, the incomprehensible majesty of Life, it is everywhere and in everything. Rather than ask how we can apply spirituality in our lives, as if it were some magical ingredient, as we evolve we discover that everything in life reveals a coherent spiritual foundation.

In this book we trace the meaning beyond meanings imbedded in all religions, in all ages, at the heart of the human being. Spirituality stands revealed beyond dogmas and beliefs, beyond the obvious, in the eternal spirit of Love as Intelligence and Consciousness.

Spirituality is inner sensitivity.



One thought on “SPIRITUALITY

  1. Latesha

    Great color- not always easy to talk clients into, but boy to they ever love it when it is done. This is a great selection of examples, I am especially drawn to the room by Eileen Kathryn Boyd, so fresh and happy. Thanks for the violet innsiratiop!

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