Transmutation and Sublimation

Inadvertently, we accidentally practice a kind of alchemy in our daily life, directing visual, mental and emotional faculties towards manifestation. Imagination is like a memory-fantasy that visually conceives and orients thought-forms with the speed of lightning; the highly malleable atmosphere accepts it as a command, imprinting molds that await material expression.

We are multidimensional beings. We have access to all form and kind of intelligence, since our physical and intelligent structure is compounded of the same substance and possibilities. Everything is within us. We imagine what we in a way already know as part of our subconscious or supra-conscious history. We may conceive of the angelic state or of a time in history because we “feel-remember” and thus we can evoke or manifest it. Of course this also works negatively. Access is restricted to our level of experience and the frequency of our activated Consciousness.

We compare, contrast, separate or fuse with conditions all too easily. We identify with people and situations in real life as in movies and books. Sometimes we even forget what we are and we assume identities that are different from ours, through an element in common. We could say that we know someone when we place ourselves in their shoes. It is a gift that the human being uses without asking itself what it involves. The identification that occurs between people puts a great alchemical axiom of all time into evidence: equals attract one another. This refers to vibratory frequency and not to appearance. We interpret and reinterpret the world through the faculties we share with other creatures and elements, but we also do it with the particular filter of our preferences. In this way we also project and impose limitations and conditions that are not real.

Inner Alchemy requires a physical and mental posture that can manage currents and energetic forces with discernment. It implies the modulation and tolerance of intelligence, and attunement with the vibratory rhythm of substance. The process leads to the awakening of inner senses and the evocation of a wide series of experiences in common with other forms in Creation.

Today’s alchemist, trained in the use of its powers and faculties, executes alchemical operations in an orderly and conscious way. He or she recognizes its brotherhood with all creation, in the quality and density of matter that clothes it, as in the diverse vibratory rhythms of its faculties of Consciousness. The alchemist must attune with the frequency of matter as well as with the vibration and type of intelligence necessary. The purification process of lead into gold is an analogy for what occurs deliberately in the psyche of the alchemist; to recognize, evoke, or produce gold one must become gold, subtly refining faculties of perception and human creation.

The great purpose of the schools of the Mysteries has always been to reveal laws that connect the material and spiritual human being, recognising and pooling powers, elements and processes that facilitate this link. The difference between a real alchemist and the automatisms of a wilful human being is the degree of consciousness, discipline, intention and tolerance of its various energetic fields and faculties. That which determines ultimate quality in a creation is the level of Consciousness. Transmutation, as well as Sublimation begin by the work that the subject performs on itself. ( )

The moment we acknowledge that we are Consciousness and that as Intelligence we create constantly, we obtain the key for the rehabilitation of our world. The process is identical for the global Intelligence that rules the Cosmos as it is for the human being in its individual world. The Magnum Opus of timeless Alchemy consists in re-identifying the common human being with its immortal and powerful Self as Light and Principle. It is the “Alchemical Marriage”, the injection or illumination by the inner sacred fire of Consciousness onto the living matter of the physical body of the alchemist. This is the “gold” towards which it aspires.

The subtlety and high resonance of the senses that accompanies a refined temperament spontaneously emits a certain transcendental impulse. At the initial stages, transmutation and sublimation consist in the acceleration of the vibratory rhythm of matter. The first relates to the physical world, and the second embraces the frequency of the behavioural field, or expression.

It is said that the visualisation of Violet Fire is capable of transmuting environmental or physically charged negativity, which can provoke behaviour sublimation. This occurs because the violet frequency defines the edge in the spectrum of colours between the visible and the non-visible, the material and the subtle. To visualise is to photograph or impress a structure upon the ethers. To feel is to impose a vibratory rhythm (the one we set forth) upon our surroundings. To think is to direct or determine form. We generate heat or excitement when we are animated, or slowness and serenity when we are calm, all through a rhythmic breath. We give our cells orders and the obey us. We learn to regulate physical energies through yoga, martial arts, dance, and bionenergetic exercises. We also influence the texture of our bodies with nourishment. Everything we do to our bodies that modulates its vibratory rhythm is a sort of slow paced transmutation.

Alchemical transmutation occurs when the atomic charge of a substance is altered, such as the case of lead into gold; the difference between the structures of the two elements is a sole electron. It would be analogous to splitting the atom and the production of artificial elements and substances. In the case of the human the “mutation” or energetic charge is produced by virtue of the effects of Consciousness-in-action that restructures the molecules. Consciousness commands and matter obeys.

A thought without emotion is something dry, a mechanical formula. Emotions qualify thoughts and lend them movement. Sublimation involves the repertoire of our identifications, beliefs, and attachments at the emotional and mental level. It requires an effort that is not too attractive for the person whose interest is to control others or to obtain results through the use of personal willpower.

Sublimation involves mental and emotional discipline. It requires the acknowledgment of a range of frequencies for each of the emotions that group themselves together in a scale, under categories of equal impulse but different intensity. In this way irritation and fury are of like nature but of different vibratory rhythm. Behind leadership and anger, the common denominator is the impact of creative instinct. Within fear and avarice, both expressions of contraction and retention, we find a distorted sense of care and appreciation.

As we become aware of the live frequency of a thought-form ( ) and we are able to distinguish the mental from the emotional charge, with little effort we could redeem the prime force behind it. Awareness accelerates or refines force until it is transformed into something motivating and constructive. In this way we are able to sublimate an emotional attachment into a state of non-attached liberating love that is much more than merely an intention.

Our health, wellbeing, our prosperity and creativity depend entirely on our beliefs, attitudes and actions.



(end of series: “Our Daily Alchemy”)

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