Know Thyself VI – Pain and Courage

KNOW YOURSELF VI: On the Nature of Pain and Courage

With gratitude to all who have ever loved me
and lent me a helping hand.  Blessings.

The essence of the human being is a State of Consciousness that takes on the shape and faculties of substance and therefore partakes of both.  Consciousness expresses as matter and also as intelligence on many levels.

When we enter into the contract of incarnation, we assume all the characteristics as well as the history of an evolutionary lineage. Its own intelligence through space-time becomes qualified with the force of Consciousness we are, have attained in matter previously, and held over ages.

Every incarnation, even that of masters takes on ancestral characteristics.  We inherit its history.  During life we develop the bridging faculty that allows our Consciousness to influence body/matter.  Illness of the body-mind can be the effect of the history of matter, the misuse of our own consciousness in matter, or both. Whatever its cause, it is an opportunity for growth.

Sensitivity today is not what it was long ago and we are directly not the cause of our own illness. There have been thousands of years of human experience imprinted upon the physical matter we wear, relayed through genetics. This history is of mind over matter, condemnation and judgment of substance itself, individual life in a body held as a commodity rather than a gift.

Illness is corrected through the experience of consciousness at the body level. This does not imply attaining perfect health, but rather developing consciousness in matter.  We raise the vibratory rate of matter so that it falls more in tune with that of Consciousness.  This implies leaving behind the limited personal life of body and mind while also embracing it.

A positive frame of mind that generates compassion recalls the original teaching of world teachers about “suffering”; conscious acknowledgement of humanity’s karma as our own. It is not blind acceptance, but a sensitive sensibility that teaches the soul in embodiment about limits to power and the power of love.

Sensory and emotional pain as suffering, blocks any higher consciousness, accentuating instinctual reaction and resistance. Pain may be “offered” to relieve humanity’s long list of transgressions, if we are able to embrace it with an intelligent attitude of mind and feeling that is not victimization.  Pain cannot be killed or quelled without the consciousness factor entering into it; instead it is delayed or detoured. Sooner or later it returns to help us learn to love something greater than ourselves.

Consciousness must experience the depths of matter as density, pain, helplessness, before we can truly learn compassion. Every loving gesture strengthens expressions of consciousness.  We cannot come through the experience of pain and into higher consciousness, without the love of those around us who lift us when we cannot lift ourselves, who hold us when we would fall, who carry us through when our own faith fails.  This is because in moments such as these, our own human doubts and weaknesses exert such a pressure of tension and despair that we cannot see our own Light, or open to receive the very Source we are calling for.

God consciousness cannot interfere in the workings of the laws of cause and effect set by matter, but matter will always respond to human consciousness. Pain releasing or resolving techniques are based on it.  Control over matter entails unique skills over matter and consciousness both, responding to the differences in gender structure, for example. In women, childbirth calls for yielding to emotional sensitivity to re-qualify pain. In men in the field of battle, resolution of pain calls for noble, unflinching courage, imposing honor and duty over physical discomfort.  In spiritual initiation, the experience of women and men follow similar patterns.

Courage stands out as a consciously held attitude of heart and body, when the bridge between Consciousness and matter has occurred, and matter obeys consciousness.  It can never be imposed as mental command, which is as ineffectual as it is superficial. It cannot be forced as a physical posture of defiance, which only generates aggressive, destructive force. Courage is the result of a humbling and responsible response to matter.

Great pain and limited consciousness is the classic definition of hell.  So, what is being well or pain free?  Is this possible?

Incarnation entails having infinite sensibility and sensation, whether we avail ourselves of it or not.  In order for this sensation to be the response to natural vitality in which we participate as conscious benevolent witnesses, we must have acquired an attitude of caretaking.  This begins with awareness, acceptance of sensitivity, and the understanding of its importance in human evolution.

To re-qualify or redeem ancestral memory we must neutralize the charges and forgive the transgressions that deformed it, whether they are our own or another’s.  By relieving ancestral pain in this way, meaning “all” pain, we forgive ourselves for all non-compassionate judgment, and acts of indifference that are the opposite of mercy.  Conscious awareness that implies forgiveness and acceptance through heart courage is enough.  Then, if we cry it is for all humanity that has preceded us and is liberated through our conscious pain.

Pain is part and parcel of matter, its language. Courage is the acknowledgement of Consciousness in matter, expressed slightly differently in men and women to reflect our different sensibilities and strengths.

Nebulae in the universe are networks, like nerves or tendons in the fabric of Life, expressing Itself through substance. There is beauty, and endless creation and recreation, just as there is in our bodies, where Consciousness is the presence of God Itself, that State from which we come.   Then the expansion of Consciousness and the birthing of worlds goes on.

Note:  I refer the reader to the earlier “Know Thyself” articles, where I go into the nature of the body, the emotions, and mind itself.  Answers to questions such as how human sensitivity has changed and why we are not directly the cause of our own illness are implied.  If you have any specific questions, please address them to me directly.  I’ll be happy to clarify.

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  1. Vilma L. Ayala

    Zulma, thanks for the enriching wisdom you so generously share with us all! You explained so well the reason for pain and how to achieve the level of well-being we long for, not just for ourselves but for our entire humanity! I have never before found such a detailed and outstanding reflection and explanation to these topics which we wonder about so often. Blessings to you Zulma and your loved ones for another fascinating New Year!

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