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Several thousand years ago the light that enabled feminine consciousness was extinguished in all but a handful of sources.  Those of us who yearn for its return are here to once again ignite that flame, that we may arise, claim our birthright, and light the world.

A woman must cultivate her sensitivity in order to develop her full capabilities. It is easy for a woman to lose herself in emotional agitation and mental conflict.  Her body absorbs everything and then becomes a tangle of sensations and feelings, difficult to decode and control. If she is to attain to the mastery that is her birthright, she must be able to distinguish sensitivity from sensibility.

To counteract the natural confusion we live in, modern women develop the intellect as men do, in our common educational system and values, but this is not enough. Woman’s mind is a rich, complex kaleidoscope of simultaneous possibilities linked to a sensitive webbing that needs to be recognized, explored, and developed.  Devoid of her deepest impulses and delicate machinery, she becomes dry and brittle, incapable of reaching and requalifying the world as called for.

To bring forth the real value of the feminine force into our world, women need to acknowledge the sensitivity that is given to us as mother of the world.  This inner nexus of fine perceptions and faculties allows us to manage, transform, and create with the unique quality and amplitude of femininity.

A woman’s body is her temple and warehouse.  It provides the basic shape and faculties for processing the immense gamma of our possibilities.  It also furnishes the raw materials and the qualities of resonance needed to affect matter at all levels, physical, emotional, and mental.

Women decode and understand by incorporation.  Graced with the same capacity for abstraction as men, in the end we take another road: we simmer experience and possibility within ourselves – our sense of body – where we processes quality, quantity, and accesses the faculties to handle energy and force.

Our current society teaches both men and women in the same way, stressing an equal mental and psychological development that does not favour women.  Neither gender knows how to distinguish an emotion from a sensation, a thought from a feeling, but in antiquity this was always the requirement for leadership in the world of form as in the world of spirit. “Know Thyself.”  It was basic training in temples and esoteric societies of old, particularly for women.

Mastery, as direct experience over all aspects of self, is obligatory for advanced civilizations.  Intellect cannot give it to us. It is much easier, expedient, convenient, and satisfying to change appearances and force results, simulate, block, delete, or substitute what we want for what we don’t want.  And, this is what sets apart an Initiate from an ordinary person.  A woman in today’s emerging reality cannot afford to act and think like an ordinary person, and ignore her faculties.  She cannot afford to not know herself.


A woman’s body is highly magnetic.

To master the body, as any yoga or martial arts instructor will tell you, our attention must be wholly within it as direct sensory experience without distractions or preoccupations.  Instead of just parts or surface sensation, embrace all of it, the inside as well as the outside.

Body language is sensation and it is the only part of us that is always in the present tense.  It can never quite reproduce how it felt in the past.  When we are wholly in tune with it, thoughts stop.

Experience, and then define the sensation of being in your body under neutral conditions. Scan it.  Check the distribution of weight, texture, and temperature of the body. Contrast the skin sensation with deeper sensations.  Which parts of the body feel more neglected?  Which parts are more congested?  Spread your awareness equally.

Repeat the observations after a session of physical exercise or while walking.  Notice the change. Also explore other moments, stopping only briefly to take in the quality of your breath and the rhythms and pulsations of physicality.

Once you have identified that range of sensations, turn to your feelings.


A woman’s emotions are electric, active all the time.

We hold onto feelings like prized possession. It is useful to understand them, but it is imperative to learn how to transform and release them.  This does not mean block, rationalize, or substitute them.  Emotions contain an energy that cannot be explained away, or stuffed under the carpet, without it surfacing again in a worse manner.

Learn how to requalify the emotional tone you project onto our environment.  Rather than identify the way you feel as a result of something that happens, do it the other way around.  Identify what you feel as an overall sensation without attaching it to anything.

Feelings affect the body. They invariably create waves within and around the body, especially over certain zones: the stomach, the chest, the throat, the face, the arms or hands…  Emotions emit strong, invisible, concentric wavelengths beyond the body.  This is how we communicate the state of our feelings and pick up on others’.

To identify emotional energy as an exercise, start by feeling yourself in a state of tranquillity.  Contrast it with the way you feel when you are sad, happy, angry.  Emotions respond very quickly to the imagination. Evoke those feelings by imagining a scene from a film, or your own memories. Use this positively, and be sure to end with a positive note.

You will find that you can easily evoke joy, yet it is more difficult to evoke a state of peace.  Peace requires stability and the ability to sustain intensities.


A woman’s mind is absorbent, receptive at many, many levels simultaneously.

Mental dominion appears to be easier, but is actually much more subtle.  It is not censorship and suppression.  Once an idea is constructed, mental energy directs itself to some target or another; it cannot be destroyed. It is directional and moves in straight lines.   It is the basic ingredient that drives our world as haunting, driving, obsessive thoughtforms.

To master thought processes, we would first need to recognize the intent.  For an ordinary person this arises from body urges or emotional needs. “Right thinking” in the Buddhist sense requires an abstraction of self, a process of inquiry, analysis, and subsequent non-attachment that is much easier for men.  As it is employed today it does not address the experience every woman knows as internal ebullience and power.

Mental energy can be aggressive and demanding, and it dominates both the body and the emotions; it involves the attention and the energy of another to listen, understand, and respond.  Fortunately, most people’s thoughts are not strong enough to affect the environment in any great way. They depend on vitality, and when our attention is withdrawn they lose their momentum.  Thinking involves a lot of energy and depletes the body considerably.

To end, centred neutrally within our body temple, one with every molecule, contrast it now with the play of emotional wavelengths you are capable of producing.  Stay there for a while.  Enjoy the communion with finer forces in nature, or with another person in silence and non-doing.  Observe instead the “doing” that occurs naturally through you.

For the moment, please content yourself with experiencing each aspect of yourself separately as you prepare for further training.

Observe how you feel and sense, and not the content, meaning or implication of whatever you might be doing.  What is important is your perception of the way energies move through you in different shapes, directions, qualities, and frequencies.

You are composed of the most astounding, beautiful, sensitive and refined equipment ever conceived: your body and its senses.

Ecology begins at home.  Watch the effect of your thoughts and feelings on your own body and you will have an idea of how you affect your environment.

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