Introduction to Inner Alchemy

Through breathing we invoke forces and manifest 

We evoke qualities and states of Being through the way we live


Awareness –  Extended sensitivity that provides depth and meaning, texture and quality

 Attention – Focused sensitivity that provides purpose, direction and definition


How can I optimize my resources?

The body, like all forms of life, feels and knows what is happening in the entire universe. It speaks its own language that we barely understand. Even in a soundproofed and thermally insulated room, it knows when there is humidity or cold, heat, storm, silence or a crowd perceived outside. It is we, with our limited focus and a mind that evaluates and rigidly labels phenomena around and within us, that do not know how to take advantage of the fine radar system that our body provides. The senses and Consciousness possess infinite resources.

The body IS the universe.

Our body IS a replica of the universe. It contains the infinite variety of substance in the universe, as well as the ability to access levels of intelligence through the Mind of Consciousness. Only the human being, whose essential nature is closely linked to the archangelic, has the flexibility and versatility necessary to be a modulator of substance and Consciousness on multiple levels.

The term ALCHEMY implies a process of structural alteration, a “transmutation” that affects the vibratory frequency of matter. INNER reflects a subjectivity that discriminates, which is a kind of neutral attention.

ALCHEMY implies structural alteration

            INNER defines discriminating subjectivity

Awareness of inner dynamics leads to the recognition and application of the unique power of human consciousness. It is the catalytic force that we use in Inner Alchemy to restructure substance. To practice it one has to experientially know the structure of matter that clothes us and that we handle in our world, and also be able to identify the levels of intelligence that command matter and that we modulate.

Inner Alchemy is a process of becoming aware of our capacity and potential as builders and transformers. It is the conscious management of our equipment that regulates perception and the construction of form.

Breath determines the level and quality of perception.

Breath binds Consciousness as the conditioning agent, with matter as the modifiable object. Breathing is Life.

It means universal pulsation, expressed in various rhythms. We breathe and we are also breathed by a greater Intelligence. We ingest and activate vitality through inhalation; we project and direct our energies through exhalation.


We handle different types of Intelligence and each type of intelligence acts on the substance of Creation. Whether we are conscious of it or not, each breath determines forms and levels of intelligence. So too, the senses perceive and also serve as guide in the orientation of vital forces.

Intelligence awakens sensitivity. We feel according to the level of perception or consciousness that we possess. This can be on a material and conceptual level, as it may be in abstraction or in meditative states that access more subtle and intense types of intelligence, that embrace, understand and handle causalities.

Gradually, in our work we identify and apply Consciousness that builds realities. We begin with the handling of forces in our body, emotions and mind, to affect and influence broader categories.

Inner Alchemy suggests sensory and mental training, understanding the multiple facets and potentialities of the human anatomy to develop faculties and also states of Being.

Life, like breathing, expands and contracts by coordinating multiple facets of light-substance. The universe, the galaxy, the planet and the human body compose a series of matrixes within a greater alchemy and matrix.

We are part of the whole. As an atom of the universe, our body contains and accesses the whole. We perceive and manage energies through our senses and the faculties they bestow.

Inner Alchemy addresses the conscious application of our intelligence and its effect on substance, as generation, transformation, and management of energies and forces. From the micro to the macro universe.



            Management of energy and force


The work of the Inner Alchemy student is to learn to modulate intelligence and substance in order to evoke qualities and states of harmony. It collaborates in expansion and evolution of multiple levels of subtle life.

It concerns direct experience and the recognition of the influence exerted by the human being over everything that surrounds him/her. The forms that we construct concretely or mentally, as well as manifestation and human expression are all creations.

Manifestation and expression are Creations

We have the power to transform and elevate them, as well as the collective world we inhabit.

Inner Alchemy involves the trajectory of perception through the senses, sharpening observation, and focusing on the dominant faculties of visualization and sensation. Thus, two terms define the method of Interior Alchemy. Both require the fine-tuning of intelligence and sensitivity.

The perception and management of forms is driven by the linear mind, but what determines the intensity or subtlety of the elements is the level of Consciousness of the thinker able to focus and flexibilize his mind.

Consciousness is absolute. From it emerges Intelligence, the abstract Mind, and finally thought, capable of accessing the Infinite.


The Mind of Consciousness directs, guides and defines our surrounding, as well as our identity.

Belief determines experience of reality. We perceive and construct, according to what we “believe” we are and therefore project.

BELIEF determines our experience of reality

A human being tends to define itself according to what he or she does and the kind of acknowledgment received.

Usually, the “I” is established around the body image and its relation to matter, confirmed by responses from the environment.

The “I” is built around BODY IMAGE and its relation with matter

Much depends on the quality of Consciousness as identity.

Quality of applied Consciousness determines personal identity

In Inner Alchemy we address the source of inner power – Consciousness – to discover real strength or spiritual identity. From there, and with the flexibility and awareness of personality that this brings, we administrate intelligence and substance.

CONSCIOUSNESS                       MATTER

Intelligence                          Substance


In developing a new way of positioning ourselves in the world, we learn to perceive reality without filters that disfigure perception.

We learn to perceive reality

            We eliminate value judgment and artificial labels


We gradually eliminate value-judgment and the artificial labeling that we associate with reality, experiencing life directly and immediately.

The purpose is to orient ourselves without labels

            modulating rhythms


            and sustaining

            creative states of Being


The purpose is to be able to orient ourselves without labels, modulating rhythms, and essentially sustaining creative states of Being.

We establish a connection between intelligence in matter (sensory sensibility) and the intelligence of Consciousness (understanding and comprehension).

We alchemize our world by constructing a bridge between habitual identity (or personality) and Being (Consciousness).

Bridge between ordinary identity



and Being



Nothing will ever be the same.


Nothing we will ever perceive will be the same.


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