I owe an expression of gratitude to my loves

for all they found in me,

“good” or “bad”,

and for what they brought out in me

because of what they are

and whom I needed them to be.


I owe an apology to all my lovers. 

I expected everything from them

but I held back the emptiness within me,

the greatest gift of all. 

I gave them a fragment of myself

and sold them short.


I owe my adversaries and so-called enemies

the compassion and the fullness of my truth. 

They saw in me a mirror

and I accepted the images they held. 

They made me as strong

as the fear that stood between us.


I owe my parents and my ancestors understanding. 

They were the best that they could be. 

Rather than resist, deny, ignore or imitate,

pay homage to or take it away,

I owe it to them to be the best there is in me.

I am their continuation in a better world.


To all, I owe the full Presence of myself

wherever I am,

unashamed, unmasked, powerful and vulnerable,

with strengths and flaws,

in depth and height,

a unique Being in a unique moment right here and now.


Life asks nothing less from me. 

I am the Cause

behind all the effects

that I perceive around me

and nothing more. 

All that I deserve is already within me.



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