IN THE ORDER OF RAINBOWS:  A FEMININE MODEL (original text 2011)rainbow


Our world model, implemented into our social machinery, into commerce and through gender dynamics is masculine: angular, fixed, aggressive and utilitarian.  Predicated on negotiation, challenge and winning, on acquisition and exploitation.  It is secure and immediate, but not natural.  Energies respond to a vision of detail and separation, to categories rather than qualities.  To the particular and not to the whole.

We propose the drafting of a different model.  This, the feminine model, would be in the order of a Rainbow.  Within the spectrum colors do not mix, nor fuse, nor overlay one another, and none is better than the other.  They do not create ugly hybrid mixtures as happens in the physical world.  They appear individually: clear, clean, and each one whole.  Inner vision further reveals a colored ocean of continuous movement behind appearances, one layer over or next to another without one dominating the under layer or the surrounding space.


If the subtle forces of colour and movement that rule the universe and our world, function on different planes without disturbing one another in space or time…  why then should we force a model of uniformity and homogeneity upon the human race and its systems?  Why insist on its parts balancing one another artificially, obligating them to depend on one another, and to merge? What is worse, why strive to attain one indiscriminate amorphous whole?  This is what happens to men and women.

It happens because this is how we have set it up.  It happens because we believe in it.  It happens because we do not trust anything that does not promise permanence.  We do not trust the Feminine Principle to give us the kind of continuity and predictability we are used to.

Just because a woman has arrived at a status in today’s world where she is heard and can impact society doesn’t mean that she has arrived at realisation as a woman.  Nor does it mean that she is actually able to change anything in the status quo. The organisations she heads are unable to embrace feminine values in a truly significant way, save for the introduction of a few token negotiation terms.  In fact nowhere in our world today are feminine values actually embodied, other than in the home or within the parameters of personal intimacy.  Our culture hardly considers the possibility of the feminine way as anything feasible in and of itself.

After the battles waged by women for over a century at least, now comes a critical period of in-depth investigation followed by questioning, experiencing and redefinition for women about women and for Nature herself.  It is believed that women’s struggle for equal rights is something already accomplished, or well on its way.  And this is supposed to be enough.  Yet there is a deep dissatisfaction within women that cannot be dissolved by the exercise of her equal rights with men. It is a hunger for herself, for her own kind of expression.  Nature itself is her greatest voice and it is rebelling all too strongly.

The lack of precision and the sense of vastness inherent in the feminine nature has forced women in the past to look for and accept the definitions offered by our brothers, whose nature it is to give shape and order to our world.  Now, for the first time a very large portion of the feminine population is educated and fully operative within society.  Woman has learned to use the masculine tools of reason, analysis, and order perfectly.  For once the feminine gender is fully equipped to define itself.  However, instead of any direct action, the feminine is being introduced gradually, almost imperceptibly woven within the existing male model.


Men and women are attracted to one another, they are needed for the perpetuation of the race; they balance one another in a manner of speaking.  They are also One in Consciousness.  Nobody will argue this.  Instead of balance, however, men rule and women imitate; men call the game and women follow, men allow us to introduce bits of ourselves into the social order and women carefully comply. It has always been so and it continues to be so. There is no real balance because there is no recognition of the power and efficacy of each whole.

Everything we do or are as women, how we appear, what we treasure in ourselves, and what we value physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually is defined by men.  We have been taught to want and believe in what does not fit us.

Most beliefs are so insidious as to make us doubt whether they are really limiting factors. The definitions, categories, rules, and regulations we have accepted as being synonymous with the order of our world binds us to a system that is archaic for being one-sided, rigid, determinist and superficial. We accept them because we don’t know what else to do. We hunger for spontaneity, flow, freedom.  But how can we implement this operationally?

Woman must act with a fullness never before demanded of her.  She must begin by respecting her own difference, instead of excusing herself, comparing herself with and adapting to men, or explaining herself.  She must speak and take action with dignity, using all the left-brain rationality she has come to master, and the depth of the feeling-sensing she is capable of generating and impregnating onto all of life.

Unless we as women can make our subtle sense of perception and values intelligible to men and the organisms that rule our world, and become an example of this integrated authenticity… we will not respect ourselves or be respected.  This cannot be done by dialogue that implies permission.  It must be done by women for women and for the world.

For real equilibrium the Feminine Principle must come into full being.  Hopefully this would happen with the full support of men.  This means that men must adopt attitudes of humility, trust and patience.   For the first time, they too have the opportunity to incorporate the sensibilities and inner discernment that had been relegated to the women, and are fully equipped to stand aside and assist us in the changes that need to come forth.

Let us dream the Rainbow and like ancient dreamers cause the dream to manifest.


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