I am my Inner Woman…


I am curvy, muscular, chubby or thin, and I love it! My appearance, my home, my expressions are wholly my own and reveal a sensual relationship with all of life, to play, to revere, to embrace and renew for no reason than because it is there and I am here.

I cannot be owned or defined. My faithfulness is a bond of love with all that is true and genuine and cannot be limited or confined. I am committed deeply to all of life, my family and friends, and to the creative principle that I apply to all I do. I feel the other and the world as part of my own self, and so I respond.

I write my own rules and these always respond to the connection I sense with everything around me. Even when I withdraw into the inner temple of myself, I am Here. I treasure my space as the breath of Life and will not betray it or myself.

I am controlled but not repressed. I have ideals and a strong sense of my priorities. I follow the melody of my innermost being, obeying rhythms and cycles, and respecting the difference others may have. I feel profoundly but I never lose the sense of being that quality of myself that I am.

My sexuality is my affair, something private… and precious.

I am sensual but discreet. I give but never sell. I do not trade because I do not need to purchase. I already have everything within me. I am fun because I am directly connected to sources of pleasure within my body, through my emotions, with ideas and their endless reformulations.

I know what it is like to be loved by life. I don’t need reasons or excuses. This is why I don’t look for love outside of me and I can offer it freely and appropriately. I have nothing to prove to anyone, not even to myself. I am free without having to announce it, negotiate it, or convince anyone about it.

My reasoning is based on what I know and what I feel. Some things cannot be verified but if I connect with them that is enough for me. I stand firm by myself and reserve the right to change with the ebb and flow of situations. My thinking responds to my direct relationship to life as a continuous experience of discovery. I love fact as well as fiction and mystery, adventure, philosophy and enjoy detail and precision as much as anyone.

I am spontaneous within my own particular style, maybe reserved, intellectual, devotional or extroverted and social.

Always, I am beautiful.

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