For the sake of clarity

For the Sake of Clarity:ppp2QyNG1rz2cq2o1_400

For those who still believe that we all have something feminine and something masculine, including my own students.  Also for those who insist that we should not stress differences and concentrate instead on the spiritual:

Masculine and feminine are energetic qualities that stem from determined energetic configurations.  It is not just physical.  Masculine and feminine are three-dimensional expressions of planetary life and correspond to a physical evolutionary order (not Consciousness).

Separately and coincidentally they express three-dimensional life.  They are two models of possibility.  The fusion or union that occurs leads to perfecting their own experience and expression.  It is not for the purpose of losing themselves in one another, or dissolving themselves into the other, as is commonly held.

This we realize only now.  The fusion of the egg with the sperm is purely physical, but the coincidence of these forces transmits the energies of gender that gestate life.  The fullness attained by consciousness in the sexual act, on the other hand, leads to emancipation and individuation, not to dependence or to what today is fashionably called “co-dependence”.

Consciousness uses matter for experience but it is not its synonym.  The human being is Consciousness that uses one of two models to individuate itself.  Each gender acts in a determined way in and through matter.  We can vary appearance but not an energetic quality.

The motor of the masculine model gives impulse, defines, fixes and orders.  That of woman permeates and attracts, is subtle and diffuse, engendering causes and continuous movement. The masculine gender creates form and measure, directs and orders.  Both genders can be orderly and subtle, expressing the typical quality of the other, but each will do it within the energy of his or her gender.  To recognize this requires subtlety and attunement; it is not seen with the naked eye.  This is what is asked of our time now: not a loss of difference but rather the perception of difference from a transcendental perspective.

Where we seem to get lost is in the fact that we need the combustion of matter to trigger the awakening of Consciousness.  We can attain Consciousness neither immersed in and identified with matter, nor can we attain Consciousness avoiding the experience provided by matter. To reach Consciousness entails embracing the difference of gender.

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7 thoughts on “For the sake of clarity

  1. theinnerwoman

    Gasoline provides energy for the automobile to move and food provides the energy for the physical body. In both of these process a form of matter is consumed to liberate energy in another form– in this case gasoline and food for mobility. In the same way the physical body, through movement, emotions and thought, provides energy for all our expressions. It does this through a process similar to combustion. This further applies to the energy that leads us into meditation and ultimately elevates our consciousness. Everything comes from and goes through the body, which is why we incarnate to begin with. (You can read about this in my books: “Karma & Sexuality”, and “Living in the Matrix”.)
    You can also ask again if it isn’t clearer. xxx Zzz

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    1. theinnerwoman

      Thank you so much, truly. Sometimes I feel I am swimming up stream. But I don’t give up. This is not just an “opinion”; it’s based on observation of many many years working with both genders. Thank you for writing! xxx ZR

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