The world values what a woman has achieved, what she does and how she does it, but it does not yet understand the power of mystery she represents.  A woman may do, appear, behave and realize the same goals as men; she may be free to express herself, but she is not free to delight in confident acceptance of her unique difference, her special power.

The value that is given to women is limited to her achievements.  We honor a mighty long list of courageous, innovative women who have preceded us.  We would do well to also celebrate what is yet to be attained: the recognition of what a woman is and what she brings to life.

In our materialistic world it is inevitable that people are prized for their executive capacity and for what they have attainment in their personal as well as professional life.  Small things remain unnoticed.  Beyond the sexual-maternal social image that a woman represents, she exerts a subtle, inexorable influence over the world, everywhere she goes, whatever she does.  It emanates from her like a perfume.

A woman is present for those she loves as much as for those she does not yet know.  Her love is always vast. Those who trust in her enter into the kingdom of her feelings and find everlasting shelter.

Woman bestows space on others and conditions it with her own quality.  She literally breathes life into people and situations.  She knows how to “be there” for another, concretely manifesting the force and space that enables them to realize themselves.

A woman knows how to evoke qualities from within another.  She knows many things.  What she doesn’t know is that the world – in every sense – would not exist without her.

In spite of the objections from professional women who have risen to the top of their specialties and reap satisfaction, the standard professional way of life is not enough for many women who have touched life from the inside.  They do not necessarily discard the material world where execution and appearances count for so much. Instead it is embraced and enveloped with gentle hopefulness.  Through her hopes a woman envisages and shapes the future, literally weaving it.

Upon the entrance to the ancient Temple at Delphi, symbol of universal knowledge, the words “Know Thyself” were engraved.  There, it was woman who held the key to the secret knowing that does not come from thought, analysis, achievement, or strategy, but from sensitivity and fine perception.

Woman is a sibylline phenomenon whose form depends on the reflection cast by others.  However, a woman’s transparency and lack of definition is not a problem to be solved.  Her ultimate truth, even if she finds it very late in life, lies beyond and through reflections. It lies in the unified field that sources all of them, in her own inner mirror.

Woman is mistress of emptiness; lady of ultimate power who grants life in generous and varied tones.  Just like forgiveness, self-recognition for a woman has nothing to do with acknowledgement from the outside; it has to do with herself, the enigma she solves by allowing herself to be the unknowable presence that she is.

Our culture is so outer-oriented that everything important seems to happen outside, so too with women.  In her youth, a woman loves herself to the degree that she experiences being loved.  In her intimacy, at any age, a woman wants to feel loved so that she can remember “what” she is.

Birth of Venus, Odilon Redon 1912

Birth of Venus, Odilon Redon 1912

Feeling takes a woman beyond the seen into the realm of inner life.  Her kingdom reveals and unfolds, it enables and withdraws…  Her quality of inner being deals with a universal, erratic force.  It is the strongest power there is, uncontainable and ungovernable by personal forces, even if these are her own.

We celebrate the future of woman, a more feminine world.  With our gratitude we bequeath our daughters with the knowing certainty of the inner vacuum, the secret that in our yearning as women lies a terrible power.  It streams forth from the emptiness within which we live and grow and nourish others.

The value in being a woman lies in confidence of things unseen.  That is where life unfolds and woman is birthed.

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