We are women, and that is a mystery…

We keep searching who we are, or we look for someone to tells us who we are or what should we be.  And we forget, or maybe we do not know, that the important issue for a woman is to know “what” she is.

Do you want to live a deep feminine experience?

If you feel this a challenge, shall I tell you more?

I want to share with you about something I know deep down.  Keep reading and you will find here our present for you.

Women resonate, we generate energies and we emit feelings; precisely, feelings are the most characteristic and important aspects of woman.  We influence the world around us, we influence each other, and we influence everything that happens.

Are you aware of your power as a woman?

Get ready to be yourself!


From May 18th through May 24th 2020

At the Feminine Mysteries retreat you will discover how feminine spirituality is applied in everyday life, a –humanely- divine experience.

It is a 7 day initiation offering you a very intimate space, and a nourishing one, honouring your own personal process.

Because we have achieved external expression; but we are yet lacking the inner real growth to meet those changes needed in ourselves and in our society.

Will you dare to take this needed and urgent step?

When: from May 18th to May 24th 2020

Where: Casa Iemanja, Inca, Mallorca (España) http://casaiemanja.com

Only 15 places available, given the personalized attention provided to each participant.

Early-bird registration until February 29th!

More details:


Mail: alquimiainteriorespana@gmail.com

Tel.:+34 659 059 513

The warmest hug from the whole Feminine Mysteries Europe team.

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