The Path of Evolved Woman


A man’s window of perception is horizontal and abstract; a woman’s window of perception is vertical and holistic.

I was told long ago in India, that kundalini was a male phenomenon; women did not experience it.  It took me decades of observation before I could understand why.  As energy develops in intensity and subtlety in men, it systematically opens a passage along the spine that allows him the progressive experience of refined qualities of Consciousness, conditioned by the energy centres or chakras along the way.

There is a kind of helter-skelter progress that defines us women, that is very different from the orderly approach characteristic to men.  The shortest distance between two points for a woman is never a straight line.  Kundalini does not “rise” for us, it explodes and expands from all places of our body and aura at once.  

A woman is in a constant state of ignition and emanation but, because she is at the centre of it, she is unaware of the effect she produces.  Many levels of activity are triggered by her dynamic – from ordinary emotional activity, to refined mental transference, and spiritual inspiration.  As in her peculiar orgasmic reflex, a woman’s energy spreads concentrically. The feminine spiritual journey is a holistic phenomenon that jumps levels constantly.  It resembles the worlds of the Kabbalah, one level over another, each occupying the same space yet at different frequencies.

A woman who enters into the spiritual journey doesn’t know what awaits her, and, rather than face up to the physical and emotional attributes of her gender, and the harshness of the conditions in our world, she often tries to escape from them.  In such a frame of mind, at best she produces an idea that simulates a pleasant emotion of possibility but goes no further. 

A woman’s path unfolds in daily life in her body, her feelings, her responsibilities and responses.  In ancient times she would enter the temple to be trained in perception, re-emerging after a few years to assume her position in the world. A woman was regarded as a living instrument of spirit, be it as an oracle, or as a source of power for priests, world leaders, and personally for the man in her life.  Today’s needs are different and yet she remains a prisoner of precedent, most unfortunately without the training.  This, she now receives directly from life.

A woman who embraces spirituality sooner or later finds herself deeply imbedded in humanity, rolling up her sleeves and performing hands-on work.  She is far from being a delicate, fragile flower, incapable of confronting the problems of the world.  The fact that there are so many men and women today who believe that her place is with the angels, denies the fact that angels need strong bodies and minds to execute the work.  A woman’s mind may be best attuned to the angels but it is men who are most vulnerable without her.

A woman must adjust to the material world and its needs, honing the physical, emotional and mental faculties in tangible and social dimensions of being.  When fully stabilized in her heart, it will lead her to engage in a second stage of refinement.  Later, when her capabilities expand to trigger greater voltages of tolerance and sustaining power, there occurs an opening of her visionary faculties, leading to wider influence and leadership in the surrounding world. 

At each stage, she ascends a notch higher in the management of cause and effect, probability and possibility.  All chakras flourish in multiple manifestations at each stage, demanding her presence and activity.  Ultimately, a woman becomes a bridge between dimensions, bringing the non-manifest into manifestation and drawing forth unprecedented impressions into being.

Woman holds the key for harmony as for chaos.  Her development resembles the layers of an onion, the innermost core corresponding to the centre of the universe. 

Here I refer to the three basic stages of a woman’s spiritual journey.


FIRST STAGE:  Evolved Woman

In my book “The Inner Woman”, exercises are designed to begin at the most tangible aspect of the physical body and gradually cover all the levels of awareness necessary to complete the sequence of the first layer, and set the foundation for the others.

A woman’s development depends entirely on personal choice, sensitivity, and capability.

Entering into the spiritual path requires making difficult choices. The first has to do with a woman’s comfort zone.  She may choose an aspect of spirituality that assures her status quo, making it easier for her to get what she believes she wants out of life.  Or, she may choose to follow the inner voice that beckons her beyond the preferences of the world.  This second choice is the one that leads her to stand alone, a most difficult condition for women.

To decide for herself implies manifesting the conditions to see, feel and know directly.  Above all, it entails developing an understanding of the mental programming we have been subjected to.  The determination towards authenticity will be the driving factor, and her greatest challenge will be refining her emotions.

A woman must conquer her emotional impulses without repressing them.  I have spoken amply about this in earlier articles.  Typical procedures will require that she heal the wounds inflicted through wrong sexuality and train herself in mental excellence, handling thought and abstraction as well as any man.  She can no longer afford to sit by passively and “not know” what is happening to her, in her world, or in the society she lives.  She can no longer content herself with feeling “good” or virtuous; she must communicate and teach what she perceives and holds to be true. This requires the healing, stabilization, and strengthening of the lower centres.

While becoming aware of her own inner power and centeredness in connection with the forces she wields, a sense of ethics and community progressively arises. 


All energy expressions stem from and consume physical vitality.  Basic for self-diagnosis or assessment of a situation, a woman must learn to identify physical, emotional, and mental sensation in herself.

Breathing exercises provide a non-linear focus of attention.  As we scan sensation during the breath, the mind automatically activates regions of more or less concentration, causing energy to spread, neutralize and balance the different sectors, until energy distribution in the body can be sensed evenly.  This should become standard neutralization practice.

Normally, the mind conditions all energy forms, creating context and applying meaning.  A large part of her training requires her to control the automatic labeling process that interferes with observation. During this operation the mind must remain neutral, keyed to sensation rather than meaning.  It is the quality and intensity of sensibility that is sought, without description, ulterior motive or purpose.  It is the basic terrain for all her processes and operations in the world.

Another part of the learning process at this phase is discovering the reciprocal action of our own thoughts and sensations.  We become aware how constructive thoughts bring wellbeing, and how negativity begets discomfort and ill health, not only for ourselves but also in our world.

It must be noted that negative energies fall into fast moving, tight patterns.  The quality of a thought imbued by gratitude, joy, serenity and similar considerations, colors body energy, lending it a finer force and slower rhythm.  Thus, we learn to requalify and dissolve negativity.

Body awareness now serves to discern what is happening around us, or in another person, by the way it affects us.  The body speaks and we listen.  We know what is right and true by the way we feel physically.  Only then can we handle emotional intensities appropriately.  A stable conscious posture in the body allows for genuine emotions to emerge and express themselves adequately, or to be neutralized when necessary.

Emotional conditions are too often confused with deluded states of spirituality, love, unusual and strong attachments, and obsessiveness of all sorts.  Some women develop this naturally strong ability into forms of psychism as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience in dubious degrees of accuracy.  These faculties are approached best, more naturally and safely, in our later stages of development, once discernment and ethics have become permanent fixtures.

The overall need at this stage is for balance.  This means that a woman must become fully aware of her personal needs and ways of manipulation, without seeking to justify them. This is the stage where most of humanity finds itself now and where a woman must learn to re-distribute, not eliminate, the tremendous force of emotions and subdue her energetic impressionability. The need to find her center within herself, as Source, apart from any physical, psychological or mental requirement becomes imperative.

Once this stage is complete, a woman must live up to her initial choice.  She must assume her place in authenticity and responsibility within her group, profession, and social entourage. She becomes a mentor, a mother, a human being that is precious to all in her world, lifting, inspiring, consoling and setting it aflame as greater forms of understanding and peace.

A responsive body, a sensitive emotionality, and a discerning intelligence are needed to complete this level and move on to other stages that require greater energetic tolerance and availability.  An evolved woman is an asset everywhere and maps out a life of fulfillment for herself and all around her in whatever profession she chooses.  Deliberate or not, her influence is very strong, and our future depends on it.


Part IV:  Enlightened Woman (Second and Third Stages)



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