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Woman Holds the Key to Alchemy.

Whereas medieval alchemy seeks to transform lead into gold, divine alchemy elicits the refinement of matter by entering into affinity with Consciousness as light.

A woman performs Alchemy every time she gives birth, forgives, embraces differences, and every time she touches a human being with the warmth of her fire-light.

As confirmation of things unseen in the sublime terrain of sensitivity, Alchemy, like a woman who knows that form is the shadow of formlessness, is evocative of the primary order of the Universe.  Every operation that goes through the process of her love becomes transformed, uplifted and redeemed.

In the eyes of a woman, Truth stands revealed. 

To be in the moment requires no masks, intermediaries, filters, or conditions. Sensitivity is the jewel in the heart of a woman, for whom life, truth, and godliness, are immediate and direct.

A woman who treads the Path accepts the unknowable as the beginning and the end.

To understand a woman we must stop trying.

When a woman prays the skies opens.  When she cries the earth lies still.  Her laughter stirs the oceans.  Her purpose ignites the points of light in all Creation.  She is mistress of the elements, one with Nature by virtue of the hollowness in her womb, where every living thing resonates.  A woman’s language is the melody of rivers, the thundering and whispering in all things, the stories of humanity weaving through her.

However, she who knows the rumbling of Chaos and eternity walks in secrecy, hidden from herself.  She who is mystery, priestess of the unknown, finds no true place in today’s world.  She who knows it all without knowing, has been reduced to a script that was never hers.

A woman’s path begins in mystery and ends as an enigma, in the silence beyond words and in infinitude.


There are several obstacles that block our vision of true womanhood and our comprehension of a woman’s unique spiritual path.

Thinking exerts an overwhelming control over intelligence.  Real intelligence as multidimensional, multifaceted truth, gained through the exercise of perception, has become irrelevant in today’s practical world. There is hardly a term that we may use to describe a woman’s dynamics that is not subject to imitation.  As long as intelligence is purely rational, our world will be filled with such pretensions of feeling and sensitivity.

We no longer know the language of the senses.  In place of sensing, human beings “think”.  Instead of feeling emotions, we seek out meanings to determine our response.  Rather than seeing what is before us, we “interpret” according to habit and convenience.  We “associate”, project and compare before we even listen or hear what is being conveyed.  We don’t evaluate neutrally, we “judge” according to precedent.  And instead of using our intelligence we rely on “programmed responses”.  Sensory gratification is a mental reflex.  Our choices are based on what is “supposed to be” rather than on what we know and sense to be true.

Many people do not know the difference between an emotion, a sensation and a thought.  Emotions are confused with sensations, sensations are induced by thinking, and truth is determined by popular belief. 

Women and men interpret terms differently.  Understanding the path towards enlightenment, as the sublime experience of spirituality and the realization of “power” is different for men and women.  To the detriment of women, this is not recognized enough.

A man’s impulse here, is to utterly possess and conquer that which he seeks to know.  He remains focussed, at the centre of himself.  Ultimately, as a distilled observer, he transforms into a silent Presence over all that he perceives, extending onto the universe.  He becomes powerful.

A woman’s reflex is to embrace and wholly blend with the fabric and texture of that which she wishes to know.  She is the periphery.  Finally, in emptiness, she dissolves herself in that which is greater than herself.  Power for a woman on the path of realization does not mean control over that which she seeks; it is the strength of at-one-ment through the experience of delight that some call love.

A woman’s path is not severe. If a man attains to Mastery, for a woman it is the Sacred.  Her entire existence involves life exploration.  Under more natural laws, privation is not something that applies to her.  Everything she does involves her utterly.  She projects herself within and finds herself in everything. 

Somehow, she knows that she is already free.  She responds naturally and not as an obligation.  Only in that freedom is she able to serve, and only in that “sacro-oficio” (sacred office) is she realized.  To limit a woman is to disconnect her from her source of power and her path.

There is no distinction between what is a woman’s and what is not.  To live and breathe means to feel with all of life, the pleasant with the unpleasant, the light with the shadow.  In her natural condition, a woman embraces and loves all around her.  Independence as separation is difficult.

To live in a man’s world for a woman has meant relinquishing all that which is hers and cannot be communicated through words.  A woman’s motivations are essentially towards unity and the whole.

What does it mean to “be”?  We are always “being-something”.  Most people cannot conceive of living without “doing”, our every thought, feeling and action being centred on executing, interpreting, comparing, deciding and choosing.  Silence, stillness and sensitivity as states of wider perception are rare.

To “be” is to the soul as “sensing” is to a woman’s body; there is no mental activity.  And this presents a tremendous conflict for the educated and professional woman of today who must perform as if there were no difference between herself and men.

Woman’s path is life in amplitude, depth, and fullness.  Her instrument is her body.  Her access is direct.  What to a woman might have been a simple task thousands of years ago; today becomes a monumental achievement for modern feminine intelligence. 

In such a world, a woman must relearn the pre-substantial language of existence.  She must swim against the tide to reach the fullness of herself.  A woman must know and embrace every aspect, faculty, and power that her body and her senses offer her, directly.  It is no surprise, then, that there are so few authentic women masters. 


To be continued in Part III, “The Way”

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