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(In order to understand the concept of rays and cycles, we recommend the articles listed at the end)

Once soul level is attained, there are no gender differences.  The spiritual journey, however, is tread according to gender perspective and possibility.

Women and men arrive in different ways.  To reach our goal, we rely on special faculties and abilities that are a product of our physical and hormonal structure.  More than expression, which in our modern era may be identical, this refers to perception and to the type of affinity each has with life forms.  To attain to the fullness of Being, and with it the fullness of the soul, the spiritual path for women and men necessarily comprises different styles and stages.

Physical and mental dynamics have traditionally been the property of men.  They define a linear reality that is easy to understand as common consensus.  A man’s spiritual path has been defined and systemized to embrace different temperaments and ages, serving basically masculine elements.  Today as ever, woman shares the same world, but she lives immersed in multiple unseen sensibilities that she barely understands.  She is supposed to have the same needs as men, but this is not so.

Traditional spiritual paths are systems that do not take the variable quality of perception and the biophysical structure of the feminine gender into consideration.  It has not been an important factor until now when woman seeks to find who and what she is.

Planetary consciousness is changing progressively, responding to an important shift in energetic currents that defines two alternate cycles in our evolution.  We are now completing one cycle and initiating another.  Each 5,000 years a cycle serves to readjust humanity and the earth with the galaxy and the universe.  The forces that come from outside the system periodically exert the function of developing on the one hand, and on the other of balancing conditions that assure the refinement and stabilization of humanity.  Called Masculine and Feminine Cycles, they influence the manifestation and expression of all aspects of life, especially thought, and also inspire spirituality as expansion of Consciousness.  No cycle is better or superior to the other; they merely reflect the swing of evolutionary forces that propel and expand life.

The transition we find ourselves in explains the tremendous pressures we are living.  While social structures that have insured our stability during thousands of years are dissolving, other more subtle ones are materializing, producing insecurity.  Used to continuity, the mind resists change, while our developing sensitivity confirms the yearning that we all feel.

According to my article (“The Feminine Ray”) we have only 400 years left before fully embodying the new frequency.  The focus is no longer on power and personal force, vestiges of masculine imperatives, but on human relations that stem from the interconnection with all aspects of life.  We join together, women and men, not only for matters concerning our children, but also for the collective good.  There is an urgent need for the redefinition of the genders, their behavior, rights and privileges, authentic individuation, the way we treat one another, and finally the consideration of nature and space as an extension of our own body, emotion, and mind.

Previous feminine cycles were known for their expansive, regenerative and peaceful activity.  Our actual masculine cycle is characterized by its force of conquest, which has engendered conflict, but also made room for the attainment of individual excellence.  It has been a rich period of construction and redefinition, inspiring techniques, systems and organizations that spark cultures and civilizations.  For the first time we can talk of a global human base that houses differences and massive scholarship, hand in hand with an interest to further experience and understand life.

In this as in other previous masculine cycles, woman has been the center of the family and the home, emotive symbol for family ties.  Her sensitivity has been sensed emotionally in all that is intimate and private.  Nonetheless, her real life, her priorities, and her opinions have remained hidden.  She has depended on men for her identity, her activity, and to define her quality of life and place in the world.  She has exerted power through the only means possible, manipulation of emotions and sexual magnetism, instigating alliances as a result of attraction or rejection, blame or desire.  She has been the biblical Eve and has made herself indispensible in the inner life of men, as unconditional companion and support.

Everything about a woman adapted herself to the needs of men.  Her body and her affection served as shelter but at the same time, overt or covertly, his sexual appetites exploited her.  Internalized, her tremendous and invisible power, as with her spiritual path, was veiled by inflexible oaths and promises, attuned to incoherent and mysterious rhythms and elements.

Responding to the dictates of the cycle, during this time man fulfilled his role as protagonist and unquestionable leader of humanity, giver of forms and measure, and builder.  He has had the luxury of expressing himself individually and independently as manager and social executor, in politics and economy.  He set limits and territories.  He had an array of subjects at his beck and call, including women and his children.  He dominated by fear, obligation, physical force and mental control.  His role has been visible, his path orderly, founded on laws and instruments of construction and control, defining thus his possessions that acquired his name and identity.

Without genuine feminine energetic contribution, the masculine modality cannot progress any further.  The wheels of progress call for the difference of each gender.  The currents that have been set into motion by the approximation of the Feminine Ray stimulate a new voltage and potency.  In woman, the desire to express herself emerges from her depths: it calls her to be herself without the exigencies that were arbitrarily imposed on her by the needs of the previous cycle.

Gradually, men’s role is assuming a new expression.  His power is manifesting globally and humanely.  This does not mean that woman will take his place.  Neither does it mean that a supposed “feminine” part in him will awaken.  The influence of the coming cycle represents refinement and acceleration within each gender, elevating it in amplitude.  Man will continue to exert his dominion in the expressions that best suit his potential.  Woman will continue to inspire, lending support and compassionate service.

As of this moment, women and men have awakened intellectually to the need for equality, sufficiently to initiate great changes that will dictate a very different future.  We share tasks, we receive the same education, and we execute the same posts in science, government, art, music and education.  However, the backdrop is another.  The conflicts we already sense within social structures are a consequence of the imbalance created by the absence of the feminine, at the moment where masculine expansion is at its summit and begins to decrease.  Now, woman must manifest her peculiar intelligence and power.  Not having yet reached the emotional and spiritual conscience of feminine expression, the sublime ideas we propose today generate friction and competition instead of compassion and transformation.

In our urge for a more humane sensitivity, we demand that a man become maternal and emotional, that he exerts compassion and understanding in the same way as a woman.  This demand confuses men profoundly, effacing his command position and recurring instead to a part of his structure that is delicate and sensitive.  He is not built to be “feminine”, however tender and compassionate he might be.  Another type of transformation must occur, one that will heighten his own masculine faculties.

In our obsession for a visible equality, we demand that a woman develop the same type of physical and mental force than a man, in an aggressive and competitive spirit that does not go with her inclinations.  She is being asked to keep to regulations and at the same time be free and independent.  All this hardens her and deprives society (notably men) of her warmth and nourishment.  Similarly, she complies with doctrines and beliefs that obligate her to prove herself publicly, as in the best medieval jousting competitions. Indoctrinated during centuries and now believing that it is her right, she willingly submits to spiritual precepts that were designed for a man’s structure, not her own.  However much she tries, her power and dominion is not “masculine”.

Today our roles, functions, responsibilities and obligations are shared, but a new cycle cannot be defined by role reversal, camouflage or by the addition of new elements.  Woman must discern between her emotions and her sensibility, fusing herself in this way with the gestation process of the universe to elevate the nature that she herself embodies.  Knowing that all is hers and emanates from her body, she puts an end to fear, insecurity, and the confusion in which she has lived, so that the perfume of her essence may come forth.

Parallel to feminine contribution, a transformation in men must take place, which does not come about through mere decision.  For him, this emerges from a process of intelligent deduction tempered by subtle emotions that reflect his incessant aspiration for a greater ideal.  A man always aspires to go beyond himself; this is how his path begins and this is how it ends.  Recognizing that he possesses nothing, he will appreciate the gift of the flower represented by a woman.  His realization will be a spark of the inspiration that she suggests and which, as ever, he then manifests concretely.

Spirituality reflects daily life and not the other way around.  In this period of transition, we are radically altering the mental programming upon which society stands.  The transformation we witness is as strong and chaotic as the climactic instincts and the volatile temperaments of deposed dictators.  It implies a process of denuding beliefs, redefining purposes, priorities and procedures.  It involves reevaluating what we call personal and collective “needs”.  The spirituality of our time mirrors inner needs that arise from truths that are difficult to accept, hopes that are fragile, and a peace that is impossible to instill.

Our path as women and men cannot be followed by walking hand in hand in the style of romantic novels of olden times.  At the highest level, each one must exert his or her force and faculties individually.  The women and men of the future are not as they appear to be, nor are they that which they aspire to become.  The inner self (see “The Pinnacle of Life”) does not arise by juxtaposition or opposition, it emerges from the immaculate center of each one in sensitive connection.

The transition we find ourselves in calls for independence and individuality stemming from a unique and whole center within the person.  In other words it foresees fullness without dependence or insecurity that demand support, authorization, or comparison.  With this simple principle we change all of society and create an atmosphere for the future.

The near future will no longer deal with external expressions as with the inner quality of human experience and the dynamics that inspire it.  Physical force and mental logistics support the connection with a world of marvelous subtleties where both genders reach the excellence of their difference.

A woman’s spiritual path demands activity within her and over world structures, requiring the refinement of perception and inner mastery.  Of man it ask for humility and surrender to the ideal, which is no punishment but rather a reward for his work over centuries.


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  1. Morena

    Dear Zulma,

    This is such an important topic for man and woman to reflect upon.

    To me the lesson we must learn now is about individuality. To be the one responsible for my own needs and to find my own way to get them met. In other words, how can I, as a woman, be competent enough to know my limits, my strength and my weaknesses?
    How to understand what I should give and how to give without loosing myself?
    How to have the humility to receive what is given to me without rejecting it and then having to sell my self for it later?
    Where would I find these answers? In my case, I would have to learn that I do not have to do everything by my self, and to let go of the idea, that man has nothing to give me, that they don’t know anything. They don’t do anything right. It seams that I have qualified my men as a stupid brute that can never understand me…. Ahah!!! That is my believe… he cannot understand me!!! But wait, can I understand myself? Can I understand him?

    As I was writing these words I realized, that I have carried a profound feeling of abandonment and a big resentment because he cannot understand me. To this moment I thought that the anger and frustration I feel was because of the lack of support from my partner, but now I realize that this is my inner most wound, he does not understand me. Why does he have to understand me? Why is my focus on him and not on myself? I cannot understand myself and I don’t need to…I am fine with the chaos inside myself and that is my truth! I am missing my own presence. I need to learn to accept my self with my own feminine qualities. It is the lack of self presence that makes me weak and bitter.

    Where and how we decided to get into this mess? Why do I keep playing this game?
    As you mentioned in this article, “Our path as women and men cannot be followed by walking hand in hand in the style of romantic novels of olden times. At the highest level, each one must exert his or her force and faculties individually. The women and men of the future are not as they appear to be, nor are they that which they aspire to become. The inner self (see “The Pinnacle of Life”) does not arise by juxtaposition or opposition; it emerges from the immaculate center of each one in sensitive connection.”

    It seams to me that we have walked around the problem for many years and it looks like we are finally getting closer to the center of it. Just like a whirlpool, everything takes its own time to go deep into the center and find the only way out… by going in, deeply in.

    We must learn to define ourselves and understand our differences as complementary forces. I would like to get more clarity around the different ways man and woman get to their inner paths and to release my own rigid ideas around old concepts that are not truly mine. Thanks for the words and the inspiration you give us all. Cannot wait for the next seminar on the Feminine Mysteries.


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