(from an article published in Spanish in Buenos Aires, UNO MISMO, April/May 2016

There are two laws that rule over the construction and dynamic of the forms that define human beings, our world, and our reality. One applies to matter and the other to spirit. The one that rules material structure reveals dynamics that process physical polarity and in the case of the human being, also psychological. The Law that governs spirit is singular, holistic and transcendental. There is no formula. It engenders, dissolves, transmutes, refines and elevates. It guides and transcends human intelligence when we have understood, embraced and embodied a life in neutrality, refinement and elevation. Until then, our intelligence reflects attributes of matter, with which it identifies. To awaken Consciousness, it is fundamental to understand and embrace physical laws in order that, by respecting them, we come to master them.

In our system, the two forces that work in parallel fashion to determine the material universe, evolution and human elevation, are called the [...]




(For information on the dynamics of gender energies, refer to the “Parallel Journeys”, available at this website.)

It is important to understand that Inner Woman and Inner Man are concepts that refer to the embodiment of the Feminine or Masculine Principles according to the awakened consciousness of an individual and his or her circle of possibilities. Excellence represents an aware, humble, active acknowledgment of capacities and the need for involvement in life. There can be no generalisation Rather than “enlightenment” the term implies realisation in a very human, individual, as well as social sense.

This article in particular responds to the insistent, although not unkind prodding I have received from so many men to describe my conception of The Inner Man. If it appears that I have ignored men’s needs, it is only because so little is known about female authenticity. Woman needs to understand and come to terms with the depths she embodies before she can make her unique and urgent contribution to society. In a sense men and all of Creation are waiting for women [...]




Whereas male expression in our current social order may alter, during the transition into the new manifestation, the role of men does not change in nature. It merely adapts to insure the correct function of the perspectives implemented by the women, providing stability through the handling and administration of form. Just as women so long ago transitioned from leading nations and war to exclusively safekeeping the integrity and future of the race, guarding sensitivity in the world.

Thus women’s abilities went underground. They became advisors and the most intelligent men have always recognized them as such, essential to strategy and decision-making. Women learned to exert influence through suggestion and innuendo; giving men the space they needed in order to push forth the evolutionary strain. Women always represented nourishment and always will. Men always represented outer strength and stability and always will.

At the current moment, women cannot yet distinguish what is authentic within them, that which springs from their depths as immeasurable and unseen, and cannot be “done” because it does not yet have a form. Current beliefs diminish the capacity [...]




The human soul is identical in both women and men, but it manifests in two ways that lead through a journey of different perceptions and faculties in service upon the material plane, and eventually back to Source.

The genders reflect the Feminine and Masculine Principles through the activity of the etheric vortices that constitute the mold for their physical structure. But the Principles are not synonymous to the male and female sex, even as they incorporate beautifully the awakened sensibility and expression of gender style.

We must not confuse the Oriental principles of Yin and Yang with the Feminine and Masculine Principles. Each gender contains within itself Yin and Yang modalities, but each is also whole and unique. Dependence and co-dependence are euphemisms that depict vestiges of a dying era of honorable male dominance and willing feminine subjugation. Fulfilment is not dependent upon any strength or weakness. The inbuilt structure of each gender is wholly autonomous, perfectly capable of full performance and realisation. There is no need for compromise. The human preoccupation with “helping” the other in this sense, is wholly [...]




Civilization responds to the activity of two concurrent modalities of human expression that together weave the ladder of evolution. They express the essential dynamic that rules life: the two ways in which Consciousness resonates in matter through an arrangement of alternating polarities. These activities affect global life and transcend all notion of the particular. They compose universal waves of energy that affect systems of worlds at physical, psychological and social levels. Masculine and Feminine Principles resemble the composite Mother-Father concept we call Source.

This dual system determines the way civilizations formulate and transmit knowledge and the perceptual focus employed in discovery and creativity. It is never about competition or fusion, concepts that only come into play when we translate these principles to the psyche of the human being. Here there is no question of dominant-subservient, better or worse, but equal and necessary value. Dissimilarity provokes movement. The play of harmonies and rhythms spikes evolution and the expansion of Consciousness. The two engender qualitatively different perceptions. Balance ensues when each one is whole within itself.

One Principle is active [...]

The Pinnacle of Life


Women and men desire to work together, side by side in true partnership.  The problem is that when we come together we do so out of lack rather than fullness.  We believe the other is meant to complete or balance us, and seem to be attracted to projections of ourselves, or what we believe we need, instead of to differences that might prove challenging and obligate us to assume full responsibility for ourselves.  We expect to be loved for what we do and love others for how they present themselves, rather than for what one is.  In the professional field we judge and compete according to predetermined goals and standards, rather than distinguish unique faculties, attributes and unforeseen perspectives.  This is no ground for partnership.

We need to redefine partnership, the couple, and equality as the co-existence of difference and uniqueness.  Rather than the common belief that genders compliment one another, that they are halves of a whole, and that we must “help” one another, each of us might strive to be whole and authentic.

We pay a [...]



We don’t learn the things that we think we learn; we learn what we are, foremost as woman or man, and then, through the inner unfolding of gender we attain to innumerable achievements that only Spirit understands.  Beyond our worldly realizations however, gender leads us through an obstacle course of ordinary impulses into realization through a very defined path that in no way depends on the actions of the other gender.

Socially, culturally, physically, and professionally, conditions may be the same for a man as for a woman, yet inner faculties call forth the awakening of unique energetic characteristics that lie encoded within. This is yet another device that Life offers us to compel us to learn management of faculties in two different and parallel ways.  Our inner faculties as gender forces come with the package of karmic characteristics we chose. The path of women and men through life consists in pursuing different inner routes.

A woman’s journey begins with an honest evaluation of herself as a person and ends in embracing expansiveness.  She begins with the particular and the concrete, and [...]

For the sake of clarity

For the Sake of Clarity:

For those who still believe that we all have something feminine and something masculine, including my own students.  Also for those who insist that we should not stress differences and concentrate instead on the spiritual:

Masculine and feminine are energetic qualities that stem from determined energetic configurations.  It is not just physical.  Masculine and feminine are three-dimensional expressions of planetary life and correspond to a physical evolutionary order (not Consciousness).

Separately and coincidentally they express three-dimensional life.  They are two models of possibility.  The fusion or union that occurs leads to perfecting their own experience and expression.  It is not for the purpose of losing themselves in one another, or dissolving themselves into the other, as is commonly held.

This we realize only now.  The fusion of the egg with the sperm is purely physical, but the coincidence of these forces transmits the energies of gender that gestate life.  The fullness attained by consciousness in the sexual act, on the other hand, leads to emancipation and individuation, not to dependence or to what today is fashionably called “co-dependence”.

Consciousness uses [...]

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