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In the 1950’s when I started schooling, little girls were brought up to please, make babies, and look pretty. The only avenue for growth available to the female gender was a “good” academic education. But, it offered a dubious freedom. Rote learning had been left behind a decade earlier, but not the mentality behind it. Learning and information were stressed while understanding and sensitivity were enigmatically left to fate or to the imagination. Inbred feminine survival instinct kept women repressed and neurotic on the inside, while carefully molding an appearance of acceptable freedom.

In 1965 I received a degree from an Ivy League university and a year later another. Rather than grant me freedom, my intellectual development only augmented a sense of alienation. The aggressive climate of politics, racism, continuous sensory assault, the feminist liberation campaign and other movements both diffused and exacerbated complexities, focusing almost exclusively on behavioral display and surface relief of tensions. Oppression and violence, rampant military regimes, leftist revolutions, and hopeless death tolls in the name of human rights defined the [...]



“There is a hole in aloneness that leads into everythingness.”   -  ZR

Normally, we don’t know how to be alone.  We look for things to occupy our time and space, and immerse ourselves in projects, people and intensities, anything so as not to feel ourselves.  Many people who claim to enjoy being alone use isolation as an excuse to do and be as they please, without distractions, diving into some activity or another to cover up the fear of insufficiency, meaninglessness, and their own selfishness.  This is not aloneness.

Aloneness is pure experiencing, free from boundaries or targets.  We are at the centre as sentient observers, but do not concern ourselves with any self-description or reflection.  Instead, the experience suggests a positioning whereby we are whole, good, perfect, and in a sense irrelevant.  There is no time and space in the experience of Self.  There is nothing to criticize, complain about, compete with, or achieve.  It is an utterly sensitive participation in the totality of life in any given moment, as deep as it can be subtle.  Aloneness [...]


FREEDOM (original text 2012)

 Am I free because circumstances allow me to express myself, or because I feel free?

We don’t seem to know how to enjoy our energies without having to “do” something with them.  What we can do freely becomes more important than the experience of being free.

“Freedom” is another excuse to “do” more. When we are unable to differentiate real freedom from performance, freedom becomes exhibitionism.  Our world is full of such manifestations.

Freedom is a spiritual state of Being.  Its experience leads to respect for all life. If we know ourselves free we feel compelled to allow others their natural rights.  A spiritually free person responds to life without going into hiding or isolation.  Such a person lives a process of continuous introspection, striving for purity in expression. If something is offensive, the first step in the mind of a spiritual person is to investigate what is being offended and clear any shadows from within.  The finger points back to self rather than to the surrounding world.  Freedom speaks through us in our silences as in our words and [...]




Our world model, implemented into our social machinery, into commerce and through gender dynamics is masculine: angular, fixed, aggressive and utilitarian.  Predicated on negotiation, challenge and winning, on acquisition and exploitation.  It is secure and immediate, but not natural.  Energies respond to a vision of detail and separation, to categories rather than qualities.  To the particular and not to the whole.

We propose the drafting of a different model.  This, the feminine model, would be in the order of a Rainbow.  Within the spectrum colors do not mix, nor fuse, nor overlay one another, and none is better than the other.  They do not create ugly hybrid mixtures as happens in the physical world.  They appear individually: clear, clean, and each one whole.  Inner vision further reveals a colored ocean of continuous movement behind appearances, one layer over or next to another without one dominating the under layer or the surrounding space.

If the subtle forces of colour and movement that rule the universe and our world, function [...]


THE RADICAL SHIFT (original text 2011)


Power is automatically associated with physical control, either direct or implied.  It seems natural that men hold it vis à vis the external world and women in the inner realms. The fact that this division has existed for as long as we can remember, reflecting the nature and energetic structure of the genders, does not mean that women and men are not equally endowed for all modalities of power. Still, the physical and mental forms have dominated our world up to now, and for a reason.  Women were not equipped to handle it in the manner and to the extent to which it is being wielded today.

It would seem that a certain amount of stability and security is needed before a more subtle expression of power can prevail. Woman stands revealed in her power as priestess, as mother of the race, and ancient sage.  Here she is recognised, her influence paramount, although always in the background, allowed or disallowed by the establishment.  If we search for notable women in antiquity, we [...]



Money suggests freedom and relaxation, having luxuries, comfortable conditions, exotic adventures, time off from dreary work schedules, prolonged relief from stress, and all sort of possibilities for creativity. It’s about spending and possessing, about making up for lost time and opportunities, about having what we never had or thought we could have. In the end it’s all about “me”, about recognition and reward, a means to get what we think we can’t get otherwise.

Money brings up all kinds of feelings. At best, it is a panacea that solves all our problems. Our minds wander to winning lottery tickets or to mysteriously inheriting riches from an unforeseen benefactor. At worst, we resign ourselves to whatever lot we have, and convince ourselves that money is an unattainable fantasy where we find refuge from reality.

You have money or you don’t; either way it is not comfortable. Like a jealous lover that requires a tremendous amount of attention, money demands a tenuous and stressful equilibrium of forces. It also raises, subliminally, issues about exposure, fear and impotence. Very few people are content [...]


THE NEUROSIS CALLED NORMAL (a 2008 Spanish original)

“You are not the result of your world;

your world is a result of what you are.


The world does not dictate what we are or what we become. We determine it ourselves using our potential, or not.

In time, we adopt, perfect, refine and adapt expressions that construct our personality. It becomes a play of superimposed images that we take very seriously. We crystalize these impressions and define ourselves accordingly, denying the innermost feelings that insinuate something that we cannot understand. If instead of responding to external demands, we listen to our own innermost voice, we leave the rules behind. The point is that it is not about adjusting to society norms or manifesting ourselves outside of them. It is about something much more fundamental: we consecrate ourselves to the absurd illusion of normalcy. Mediocrity.

Does “normal” exist? We can only define it by what it is not. We can never arrive at what it is, because it’s what everybody thinks they want. Whatever is easy [...]




We long for a world that is very different where our sensibilities might thrive. I can think of three issues that can bring clarity.


Time and Mind

In our modern world people complain of never having time. The problem is that thinking has replaced instinctive, intuitive being, perception, and sensibility. The difficulty is not with time, or even doing. We are the problem, the way we think.

There is so much going on inside and all around us simultaneously. People are engrossed in realities that only exist inside themselves, engaged in dialoguing, remembering, and projecting, in computers, ipads and whatsapps, but mainly with themselves. It isn’t possible to hear or perceive little else. Such thinking occupies space, and there is none left!

It is highly improbable that something new can be introduced, or be squeezed into the already crammed quarters inside. And then there is all that effort needed to keep thoughts going, affecting the attention span that keeps getting smaller and smaller. To make any real contact one has to constantly [...]



Once Upon a Parallel Timelessness

In response to a series of commentaries on FB regarding the international political scenario, an old friend said something that put a brief halt to all our speculation. He asked, “Am I willing to do what it takes to let go of what isn’t right?”

Am I willing…?

Is it that simple?

Imagine a civilization that is based on equality at all levels. Where care and fairness reign. Where people know how to be with one another, fully, and truly share. Where all living things are honored. Where there is dialogue, and beyond verbal clarity there is understanding. Where there is no separation between personality and spirit. Where everyone is powerful and there are no control issues. Instead there is spontaneity and naturalness. This is a place where grievances are righted by education and joint effort, and where everyone feels responsible because everyone is sensitive to one another and to the environment.

The words “love” and “light” are wholly unnecessary.

Where could this be? Is it an ancient tribe somewhere, forgotten [...]



This article is a collection of fragments answering my students’ recent questions on the nature of a group, and the function of personality and emotion on the spiritual path. I hope it will inspire others toward a better, more conscious and natural world!


The significant impact of spirituality on commonplace issues today responds to the composition and constitution of many spiritual groups that outline a major shift from personal to collective priorities. Group unity may sound like a familiar formula, but the particular resonance of this current urge is entirely new. A leaderless dynamic based on united and multiple sensitivities is emerging. It has nothing to do with hippie or yoga issues, political, social, or gender interests. It has to do with tangibly living an Ideal that embraces individuality and inner sensibilities.

An intangible resonance draws us inward, upward, and farther into personal and social expression. The Ideal of my school of Inner Alchemy is not based on personal goals or usefulness. Here, individual development consists in learning new ways of perceiving and responding that appeal to both [...]

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