Emptiness Reveals


Woman is the sacred hollowness that contains the All.  Emptiness.  This is difficult to live with and even more difficult to understand.  Her entire life is spent trying to define herself and relating to others through the reflexion they hold of her.

Woman is a yearning, the aspiration that represents breath, flow, the tides and cycles of becoming.  Her non-definition embraces life like foam does the sands of the shore.  She is movement without form, a river without banks, the empty hollow nexus of the cauldron.  It is in her nature to yield and in yielding believe momentarily that she is what she contains.

What is the container without that which it contains?  Continuous striving to discover what cannot be seen, believing momentarily that it is powerful and strong.  Ascribing to itself the nature of that which it contains.

What is an ocean without boundaries?   Endless expansion and longing.  What is the opening without the space that it contains?  Expectant void waiting to become.

Woman is the watercourse way, passageway beyond time, undifferentiated equality through the changing faces of creation, the yielding principle of eternity.

She is the unseen, resonating music, qualifying the feelings and the senses and eternally secret.  A world of endless possibilities.

Woman and man, space and form, they have been lovers forever: that which believes it is, and that which never can be… as they play and dance, and grow apart each in its own nature, only to return and give birth to Love.

It all happens in the cauldron.  Emptiness reveals.

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