Mistakes, Obsession and Possession


Author’s Note: Although this is by not wholly my field,

I feel that this information is extremely valuable.

Harmless habits can become destructive, if unguarded by the voice of conscience.

The seriousness of the situation today calls for great discernment. ZR


Due to fear, lack of control, outside pressure or just inability to see correctly, sometimes wrong decisions are made that lead to living in all sort of prisons. Basically, the choice is always between spirit and matter. If the force of spirit is not strong enough, material issues gain greater importance and the law that applies to polarity rules the life. Whereas spiritual law is not conditional, physical law stipulates that like attracts like and consequences are paid for in material terms.

No one deliberately chooses a life of density and darkness. Wrong choices are characteristically made by personality elementals. (see Part I) Even with training and having heard the voice of Consciousness, we often see and hear what we want to see and hear, seeking comfort, pleasure, and profit – natural trademark of the egoism of the personality – instead of balance and serenity which are results of disciplined discernment.

Spirit always provides options and instruments, contacts and opportunities for soul advancement. It will depend on how the person uses them. Past inclinations die hard: cheating, lying, laziness, and manipulation of all sorts. To the undiscerning they may not be really that important. Supposedly, no one finds out and no one is hurt. Little do people know that this is but the first step in a series of carefully engineered seductions conceived by a well-organised hierarchy of evil.

 Just as there is a hierarchy of angels of light there is also one of evil. A New York City Church group who worked with drug addicts and other mild “offenders” showed me how to spot their dynamic. A few years later, the teaching of esoteric Christianity teacher, Styllianos Atteshlis, furthered my understanding. He especially pointed to the phenomenon of “the false light” as it appears in spiritual masquerade and is heavily imbedded in certain places.

 The “Principalities of the Air”, spoken about in the Bible are some of the entities that Jesus and the Magdalene extricated from people, at a time when they were especially active upon the earth. Our times are not very different. Evil spirits and jinns are mentioned in the writings of all mayor religions. Add to this the rampant revenge and maliciousness released onto the astral by negative persons upon dying. It is simple ignorance and naïveté to think that such malignant entities do not exist.


The elementals we refer to in these cases are not personal. They begin by influencing a person. Remember how “like attracts like”. Every time we pursue a selfish or revengeful thought, one of these incorporeal entities draws closer, intensifying the feelings of hatred and dissatisfaction, urging us to act on them. These kinds of emotions feed the entities who thrive by clinging to people with like tendencies. This happens all the time except when the voice of Consciousness is dominant. The “battle” rages on inside the mind and feelings of humanity as an ongoing argument between the head and the heart.

Attracting a living human being is the first step in the power structure of evil and is fairly easy. There are legions of dark beings embarked on this purpose. If one of them succeeds, it opens the way for the next in line, a more heavyweight fellow. The second group works on searing the Consciousness, convincing a person that their circumstance is minor and that “a little bit more” won’t hurt.

When the individual goes the extra way it is because by now, having justified itself, he or she is unable to distinguish right from wrong. Consciousness is “seared”, erasing the demarcation between what is correct and in accordance with the Law of the One, and the selfish shadow world. Suicide, thieving, power-tripping and general control of others all fall into this category. Once the line has been crossed, the way back to righteousness is difficult, haunted by memories, regrets, and temptations often too severe to resist. It is exactly as we see depicted in Mafia movies: the additional “help” you received came in exchange for life-long service. To leave the vicious circle, a dear price is paid, and not everyone is strong or clever enough for it.

If it is any consolation for the person who must repair the damage done, in the wider perspective of eternity a person is enabled to learn from its mistakes and always has another and yet another chance (even if in different lifetimes) to set things right. One day it conquers the very characteristics that had weighed it down and is in a good condition to help others.

The work of correction is long and tricky. As we withdraw nourishment from our mischievous elementals we must bear in mind that it is not enough to revise our thoughts. What empowers elementals are the feelings. These came with the initial attraction, but remain activating the memory through pity-parties of anxiety, guilt and remorse.

 Sometimes we project our own elementals on others while refusing to acknowledge similar traits in ourselves. Other people’s elementals conflict with ours and we are forced to deal with the outer manifestations of discord, unable to detect the very trait in ourselves that attracted the encounter. Many, many times negative elementals also appear to test the resolve that can point us in new directions.

If we truly understand that we are not the personality and just how it is a creation, we are likely to observe much more clearly when egoism reveals itself. Detecting what is an elemental and whether it is your own or someone else’s entails awareness and the willingness to assume responsibility.

Many of my students ask repeatedly why certain things happen to them. The answer is simple: something in you attracts it. The main nourishment of any negative elemental is fear, but also anger, both energies that create imbalance and weight/density. Also the idea of “need”. When the other apparently meets your supposed needs, you feel loved. If you believe you “need” anything or anyone, you have already lost a major battle.

Therefore, the hierarchy of malicious elementals begins by the tempters, inspiring more and more “small” transgressions. Next in line are the supervisors. Secrecy is their fertile terrain. Their mission is to lead us to excess and shame. They work through suggestion, making it progressively difficult for us to contact the light within. Then the way is open for the heavyweights and to total lack of self-control.


An “obsessor” gains entry into the psyche through habits that become vitally obsessive. It thrives on backing the cycle of guilt-need and promoting urgency. Chronic fear and depression are byproducts. When obsessive behavior is installed, or if the personality is extremely weak for whatever other reasons, then a larger elemental, an entity or a “boss”, moves in.

A possessor gradually takes over more and more aspects of the personality. Psychology knows of cases where several co-exist together in one person. These are spirits who derive pleasure from our lusts and fears, possessing and sharing our bodies for their own amusement.  (They are not to be confused with talented people who show different and varied faculties.)

A person is not at all aware of its possessed state and may not remember behaving any differently; to others it appears like an alternate personality.  However, someone who is rooted and in alignment with Consciousness may be able to detect subtle physical changes that take over an individual, usually behind the eyes. Sometimes there is a flicker of shame or recognition but usually these entities are shifty and do not allow direct eye contact.

Negative elementals influence us in a number of ways. Depending on the specialty or “expertise” of the elemental, it may affect the physical body (as attraction, strength…), the emotions (as seduction, helplessness, undue arousal …), or the mind (as ambition, greed, or their opposite as frustration, envy…). There is very little that an ordinary person can do to “help” a person who is under the control of a heavy-duty elemental, except watch itself. The only antidote is Self-awareness and a self-born discipline, conquering automatic patterns of reaction and self-indulgence. This force must arise from within. Especially “do-gooders” would do well to remember this and work on their own emotional context before attempting to help others. “Gut” bodily reaction, such as feeling uncomfortable, identified, or fearful, is often a sympathetic invitation to partner with them and let them “be”. All mayor religions train special priests or people to do this kind of work that requires firm alignment and collaboration with archangelic forces.  

We need to use discernment in our own thinking and feeling patterns in order to free ourselves from malicious, selfish thought-forms and re-channel the force back into the Self. In every case, practice of the Alchemical Alignment and the kind of awareness and discrimination it develops, is the way to leading a safe and prosperous life in authenticity. This is the only way to help.

Be well. Be safe. Be your Self.



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