Do Predictions Really Help?

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To See and Know are faculties of spirit, not of the personality or its linear mind.  No technique, information, manipulation or divination will grant us authentic vision and wisdom.  These are only acquired once the sensory consciousness, focused on self and personal desires, has been transcended.  This is why, as much as we may be entertained or impressed by oracles, games, talismans and professional seers, they will never give us the perception of the whole of what is happening with us or around us.

Clairvoyance is not “seeing” in the transcendent sense; it is a type of perception that is limited to the material plane.  There are many people who are clairvoyant but are not spiritual.  A person who possesses true vision will be perched on a mountain peak from where he or she perceives both worlds, both realities, that of the personality and that of the soul.

Each professional “seer” is different and responds to faculties of perception conditioned by their own level of consciousness.  With the extremely rare exception of extraordinary cases of fine-tuning with higher dimensions, seers only have access to that which the subject emits.  He or she decodes the thoughts, desires, successes and failures, frustrations and aspirations of their subject and returns them as if by an act of magic, together with the fantasy that the subject cultivates or represses.  The seer is not able to understand what created them or what this particular configuration attracts as a consequence.

It is not possible to understand the causes and the process of spirit in incarnation by dwelling on their apparent effects.  Readings only offer reflected impressions that the person insinuates in their regard, transmits by their emotions, and hammers into insistent personal thoughts.  For example, the lines on the palm of the hand define energetic configurations impressed by means of physical, emotional and mental energies that act as possibilities surrounding us.  A body worker handles traces of the actual life of a person, liberating and reading its history on the body and through the energy it emanates.  No more, no less.  It helps, sometimes very much… for the moment.  Only if the person receives it as a warning or as a guide to their own introspection, will the subject be ready to transcend causes.

The spiritual field is seeded with flowers and weeds, with reality and with illusion.  It is especially so in that which concerns the world of the paranormal and the artifacts that are associated with anything “spiritual”.  We will attract that which we desire and in a certain way deserve.

The tools that today are associated with spirituality, including crystals and specially charged objects, were employed by sages but when they fell into the hands of the lay public, they became tools of shady prediction.  Originally, the purpose of these artifacts and processes was to offer a holistic vision of reality.  Today, any portfolio of beautiful illustrations becomes a Tarot deck and a person throws the I-Ching for another without understanding the complexity of the Taoist mentality.  The modern effort to simplify things and to give everyone the equal opportunity of doing everything, distorts that which is sacred and profound.

The Tarot, I-Ching and Runes come from remote antiquity.  In them, transcendental reality was impressed into images and illustrative sequences of the Initiatic Path.  They were used as guidance, and to open the way through the mist of thoughts and the lower astral of human confusion.  The original symbols that emerged from different cultures had an exceedingly strong psychic and visceral impact that became softened, humanized and personalized as they crossed frontiers and time frames.

There is nothing wrong with tools, if they are used with caution and with consciousness, but it is difficult for advice to be cautious or conscious, when a person who seeks help is perturbed and desperate, and the giver of help is not capable of seeing beyond.

Astrology falls in a slightly different category.  It deals with a science that captures the position of energetic sources at the exact moment of someone’s birth.  Its nature is ideal for the spiritual work of those who seek to understand the purpose of a life and the challenges of the evolutionary path.  Each person is like a negative that is impressed by unique astral light qualities; this defines the life of an individual who illustrates and responds to the course chosen by its own soul.  The planets are live energies that accompany and help the seeker, directly or indirectly, actively or retroactively.  They open our way or block it momentarily according to the faculties and energies that we have to develop.  They present made-to-order opportunities.  But astrology too, could never predict with exactitude what will happen, what will be “best” or least harmful, or how to avoid what we’d rather not confront.  It is a pity that such an elevated science is used, as it is popularly, as a love prediction or financial counselor.


Divining tools may be used to give references that help to clear a situation, but they have nothing to do with “destiny”.  This may only be forged in Consciousness.  A person who has reached a certain level of perception of the world and of itself, may derive benefit from readings, provided it is offered by someone who is at the same level of consciousness, avoiding dependence, culpability or projection.  The danger arrives when it has to do with a person who doesn’t know what it wants or should do.  To listen to one’s own desires verbalized or presented visually, suggests that perception descends from something “external” and “superior”.

Those who interpret these tools, be they friends or professionals, are just that, “interpreters”.  They may give us their version and point out latent possibilities, outline alternatives and help us evaluate probable venues, but in the end the future is exclusive responsibility of the individual and its acts.  Parting from the moment of a reading, disasters or opportunities unfold that are a direct result of the course of action taken by the individual – whether they change course or follow the same trodden path.  We create our future by the way we live each moment of our lives.

It is as it should be; these tools sometimes lead to elevated principles that are confusing to the linear mind.  By leaving us bewildered they force us to raise our thought to a level of energetic experience where the mind, without specific objectives, becomes clear.  In this way, when we return to the world of meanings, we translate the experience into more concrete answers.

When we consult an oracle or a seer, the hidden intention in the majority of cases is to avoid the responsibility, the spontaneity of life, and the creative effort we would need to develop.  We hope that we can “prepare” for what comes, precisely so as not to feel the pain of the natural sensibility of living.  In any way that we look at it, going to a seer insinuates that we are insecure and that we do not trust our own forces.  We do not trust in God or in divine justice.

When we go to someone to tell us what we have to do, we are handing them the keys to our home.  Even if we say that we are doing it out of curiosity, or “playing”, what another person says roams around our energetic field, especially If it matches what we are already fearing or wishing for.  Nobody, save ourselves, is capable of seeing neutrally.  Each professional, including friends or loved ones, will reflect our own situation, projecting always his or her own filters.

If we choose to go to a seer, a therapist who will “fix” us and our lives, pick up books that respond in symbols that we later interpret in our own way to satisfy what we wanted all along, if we consult an astrological map before deciding to do anything… we are not and cannot be, free.  If we open the door to the interpretation of others or to the reflection of our own confusion, we will reap the fruits of our own deceit.

Visionaries who truly see beyond the impression of the personality and the every day world, see the Being.  They are capable of guiding us to discover ourselves, to become independent.  What is more, a good seer of this type does not even say what he or she sees; instead he or she keeps silence and in a oblique way hastens the inevitable so that we awaken from the sleep in which we find ourselves.  Such a person sees the soul and spirit, the conquests, genuine limitations and the actual lessons that we have come to learn.

Let us meditate on what it is to “be free”.  It is not about “doing” or “having”.  It is about that inner state that allows us freedom to Be and Know.  We would all need to learn to trust that inner connection with our Being, and develop our own power of decision, assuming the challenges of the path with courage and consciousness.  Let us help one another understand this.  The key is always in the inner posture.  To see and know we have to reach that state of Being.  Let us raise and inspire ourselves.  Everything else follows.authentic

There is no way to predict the future of a human being who is authentically free.  Everything is possible.

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  1. Aline Barros

    I am grateful for your words clear and true. Our expansion of consciousness give us wise discernment of how healthily direcionarmos our existence. kisses

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