“For there is nothing either good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet)


Beyond the forms we see every day, even the most insignificant, the grandeur of Life is revealed. But, we need to have eyes to see, the kind of seeing where we Know.

The general belief is that in order to know we need information. This applies to experience as well. Socially, experience is limited to participation in circumstances that confirm our definitions and expectations.   Collective life reflects a relation of definitions that involves performance and a shadow-play of barely discernible self-images. The information gathered takes up form and space in our mind, and knowledge prizes the result of imaginary reflections.

Formulas and theories are like glitter. They are glamorous but superficial. They pretend to be luminous. No matter how well we handle them, unless we put them into living practice they are useless. Like reading a manual versus learning to ride a bicycle.

However, most people prefer formulas, ready-made categories, forgeries, and information. Relationships become more important than people. We feel a person only in relation to us, not for him or herself. So too, our sensations. We feel something “about” the body, “some kind” of emotion, or “a specific” thought. We don’t participate actively in a living, pulsing range of vibrations.

What would it be like to live in a world where the soul of a person, or the essence of a thing stands revealed? Instead of filtering through codes of given standards we might perceive a resonant reality, a fluid streaming of possibility and opportunity: a world of direct experience. Perhaps one day we discover that the labels “good”, “bad” and “impossible” are figments of our imagination. Then life spreads out on a huge scale of ascending and descending frequencies of intensity that are wholly neutral.

We fool ourselves into believing that semblance is reality. We may recognise the features of a loved one through sight and touch, but we would also know them equally well, if not better, if we could not see them. We would know them through feeling-sensitivity. Then we know what they are, directly, without the illusion of separation. The senses only confirm who we think people and things are.

“Who” we are, is subject to interpretation and comparison; “what” we are, is constant and unique, the scent of our eternal Self.

Such is the world of Consciousness. It appears dressed in form, but its eternal quality is continuous pulsation. It flows and mutates but remains the same, and no form could ever contain its depth and amplitude. I am the same “me” today that I was when I watched the clouds in the sky as a child. I may think differently but I am the same presence who questioned and wondered so long ago.

Not only that. A direct, deep experience of life puts us in touch with what we are. One such contact allows us to experience life from its core, not just the surface ripples. We become the experience and all that it implies. No longer are we who we thought we were. In fact we never were what we thought we were to begin with. We are the experience of experiencing. Constantly, we become something else, even if for just moments. Experience is key to endless possibilities stretching beyond the imagination. Such a happening transforms us, and through us all of life.

Unless we feel and recognise Nature as part of our own nature, in our body, feelings and thoughts, we have not lived. All inside us tells us and shows us how forms are reflections of being and that Being is what we are.

This is the treasure unveiled through direct experience.

Direct experience forces us to set aside habitual parameters of defining people and things through their relationship to us because, here, “we” no longer matters. What matters is the experience itself, that which we become and are and always were.

To experience is to know how life vibrates, to participate in its quality. Until we know this in and through us, we merely see, touch, smell, hear and taste the external images of life, and add our own interpretations. Unless we truly feel something and someone as ourselves, we know nothing, only the relation and summation of surfaces. True experience is beyond words and reflects sensitivity.

Direct, intimate experience goes beyond any understanding, and yet completes human experience. It demands totality. It alters our sensibilities, and the consequences we affect. It engages us in the very motion of life, exerting flexibility we didn’t know we had. Every contact is unique. We cannot help but be transformed as transformation occurs through us, and the fine indelible texture of life within and around us is rearranged. Direct experience magnifies life. Life is not alive unless we live it.

Energy. Infinitely different qualities of energy. Feeling-knowing-sensitivity. Energy is voltage. Voltage is movement. Movement means change. Change implies attention. Attention requires awareness and choice. Choice spells engagement with life, which defines “sensitivity” and returns us to bliss of direct experience.

Each direct, personal experience changes the world and forces us to express a different, vaster, simpler and yet more complex and subtle configuration of ourselves.

The key to life’s fullness is in the quality of experience that we allow ourselves.


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