575780_158051347664557_280564133_nTRANSCENDENT DIMENSIONS: THE SPIRITUAL WORLD

This dimensional level requires the least amount of effort and for this reason it is the most difficult to explain. The human being is not used to accomplishment without focus, deliberate intention, and the stress and strain derived from the linear perspective of the lower dimensions. Instead, what is deemed  important is the target set by the mind. Notice that there are many techniques for meditation and yet all of them centre on some form of device to put the mind aside.  To do something that will stop the monopoly of thought, in order to be able to appreciate and flow non-mentally with the wholeness of manifest and non-manifest life. It may take years of practice, or only seconds of surrender to yield the experience of illumination.

In the past, enlightenment suggested absenting oneself from ordinary life.  The development of the human race points to other evolutionary needs today.  Conscious contact with these finer dimensions instils the urge to tangibly bring its quality into the world, accessing and decoding truth at every level.  The person becomes a bridge towards the construction of a better world.  She or he becomes a World Server.

When we conceive of Perfect Action, when we envision Beauty and the Sacred, when we search for Truth or employ Reason as conceived by the ancient Greeks, we are in tune with these broader dimensional fields. 

The higher the vibratory frequency of Consciousness, the more diaphanous and spacious its texture, and the finer its sentience.  At this exalted state, perception is no longer linear or global; it is spherical and concentric, spreading onto unlimited horizons without as within.  The human being is a fragrance rather than a form, and life stands revealed as an ocean of infinite becoming.  It is the experience we have in deep prayer and meditation when we feel indescribably blessed and loved. (See “Know Thyself IX, Aspects of Consciousness”)

In Part One and Part Two of this series, we saw how physical and subtle senses work.  Spiritual or inner senses are triggered by the participation of the human being in the resonance or irradiation that emerges from within him or herself, in the absence of material distractions.  Spirituality embraces all dimensions of Being equally, parting from the highest pre-conceptual and pre-substantial levels of essence.  In the human being it marks a life lived deeply and intensely without judgment or any other form of escapism. 

This last range of dimensional frequencies employs the faculty of Consciousness as No-Mind.  To “know” at this level is to experience the reflection of one’s own Presence as it contains the Whole.

Whereas the line of demarcation between the material and holistic dimensions was one of breadth, the line of demarcation between the holistic and spiritual dimensions is one of depth.  In holistic dimensions the notion of time does not exist.  In spiritual dimensions neither time nor space exist.  Everything is now, here, eternal.  There is nowhere to go.  There is no need for technological machines or esoteric devices, rituals or special procedures, focus or calculation.  Our spirit frequency matches with all life.

Life as we know it manifests in different ratios of substance and consciousness.  In the lowest dimensions the material pressure of substance is greatest; consciousness serves to mould and guide it.  As we progress, consciousness becomes greater and matter merely serves as container and transmitter.  At the highest levels, Consciousness is supreme; there is only an insinuation of substance. Spirituality is the exaltation of matter as space. Highest dimensional forms are so vast that they appear transparent.

Imagine a human body spread to the size of a galaxy, and you might understand structure at these levels.  There is very little “substance” in the spiritual dimensions.  By contrast, the pressure of space is more intense than any of matter.  Should we experience these dimensions physically, atomic pressure would be impossible to sustain.  Light vibrates at a much higher frequency that would shatter matter.  Think of an astronaut in outer space, without his suit.  If an individual is unprepared physically and mentally to sustain the voltages activated at these levels, she or he is bound to hallucinate, fantasize, or refute experiences that would easily classify as insanity. 

In my system, the first of the spiritual dimensions is the tenth. We reach it through prayer and meditation.  Our enthusiasm is so heightened that we spontaneously evoke levels of spaciousness. In fact we normally turn towards it after great frustration and in times of need where nothing else seems to work.  “Heaven”, “nirvana”, or “samadhi” describe a receptive, mindless state that taps into the frequency of light also present in the centre of the atomic structure.  For this reason, it is nourishing.

Our contact with Beings of the Elements and Archangelic power at this level, translates into angelic bliss and the intuition of perfection.  It is a place we return to as often as we make space for it.  It is a niche accessible to everyone in times of need, when soul calls to itself. The simplest heart is the closest to it.

For the more complicated mind, to reach this state with awareness is not so easy. There is no space here for personality or preoccupation with the material world.  There is no identity.  To become aware of this state and be able sustain it, the person reverts to its own unique quality of Spirit without personal importance.

At the middle range, Higher Mind reached a state of fullness comparable to a hologrammic amplification of all faculties simultaneously.  Sensitivity was the key to understanding.  The State of Being at this level now magnifies inner perception to include emotional height as pure sentiment beyond the qualifying emotions.  To us in the Human Dimension it appears as formlessness, yet it is space as pure, essential Intelligence.  From that height we contemplate generative transcendental activity.

Here, we find refuge and rest, inspiration and the kind of security and confidence that issues from knowing that we are Seen and Loved.  By Self.  It is the plane of divinity, filled with joy and vitality.  Its function on our human ladder of frequencies is to instil hope by stilling the mind and raising emotion to a plane of perfection, beauty and luminosity.  It is a realm of union and individuation that transports us from the limitations of matter to the sublime of the possible. 

The experience of the eleventh dimension is infrequent. The reason for this is that these frequencies are so shatteringly intense, that we must relinquish, even if momentarily, the tenuous hold over our physical form and all the attachments that this implies.  The near-death experience corresponds to this dimension. Mystics and illuminated individuals who have attained to this state transmit Life but do not live it as we do. They have no need for words; their mere Presence conveys divinity.

This is the plane of Bodhisattvas and guardians of the great religions.  It is the place of the “I Am”.  Each time we aspire to serve humanity, asking ourselves how we can do this, we contact the sources issuing from this plane.   Occasionally, some dream experiences occur at this dimensional level. In these states contact with teachers on the path of Initiation occurs, and we bring back electrifying remembrances.  The last accessible outpost for this planetary experience, this dimension responds to the soul needs of humans who search for new paradigms and combinations for life in the third dimension.   They raise themselves there to receive the flash of inspiration that will subsequently be decoded as “revelation”.

Our experience of Consciousness at the eleventh provides a focal point of oscillation that constitutes our eternal energetic key, or identity.  It has been called the Secret Name.  It is a combination of frequencies of Spirit that is unique to each of us in our long journey through all the dimensions.

The highest dimension of all, in our evolutionary system, is an undifferentiated state of pure Radiance, a Source.  The twelfth dimension is a theoretical point of reference.  It represents Absolute Beingness, a State of pure irradiation at the threshold of a greater system of Consciousness. 

We long for the ultimate height as divinity, to satiate ourselves with that spiritual quality that guides and sustains us.  By our participation in the dimensions below, we are constantly receiving its overflow but we cannot tangibly touch it; we sense it but we do not see it; it surrounds us and it is constantly eluding us.  It is within us and still… we do not understand it.


Dimensions display a perfect relay system of energetic transmission that responds to our every need.  They illustrate the journey of spirit as it gradually concentrate and condense both Consciousness and matter to define our human faculties.  The so-called “return” journey simply consists in reclaiming those forms and faculties in all dimensions of Being.  Our own potential resonates in tune at all stations and aspects of Creation.  At every level of Consciousness, we recapture and employ the kind of force that will allow us to access responses. 

As we bring these forces back to our physical reality, the level of mental development we possess according to social conditioning will enable us to unravel the impressions and translate them in useful ways.  This is why both disciplined mental training and sensitivity is so necessary in order to accompany in depth, empathic resonance, neutrally.  It doesn’t matter if we are not aware of the precise stages of dimensional activity.  Fulfilment, joy, truth, revelation and knowledge is accessible to those who attune themselves honestly to those frequencies.

Our purpose in writing this series “Dimensions of Consciousness” is to reveal the dynamics of Intelligence as Consciousness that surpass even the most sophisticated technology. It is my hope that, at this stage of human history, we avoid the mistakes of the past and, as we move forward in a better world, we develop the sentient qualities of human feeling and compassion that lead us to the manifestation of Perfection, Heaven on Earth. 

On our journey through the Human experience, no dimension is better or greater than another.  Only here, at the third dimension, souls of varied levels of dimensional specialization meet and interact to challenge and inspire one another.  Some people are more attuned to the attributes of one or several dimensions, but we exist and function within all of them, even if we are not aware of this…just yet.

 Empathic Resonance


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