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 A native of Puerto Rico, lecturer, panellist, television-radio hostess and spiritual coach in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

º  Began her studies in Humanities in the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus.

º  Graduate of (NYU) New York University in Washington Square, New York, with a B.A. in Romance Languages and Literature.

º  M.A. in Education. Post-Graduate studies in psychology and counselling from San Fernando Valley State College in San Fernando Valley, California.

Other training includes:

º  Therapies:  Primal Therapy, gestalt, psychosynthesis, basic massage, healing methods, bioenergetics, energy balancing, polarity, regression, psychic arts.

º World religions: Esoteric Christianity, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, Tantra, and Western philosophies. Esoteric science, occultism and parapsychology.

Creator of the Inner Alchemy concept of self-development and its application to daily life.  Founder of the School of Consciousness, the Centre for Inner Alchemy (New York, Sao Paulo-Brazil, Palma de Mallorca-Spain).  1982 – 2010.

º  Programmes include individual and group training.

Parting from the publication of the most recent work, “The Inner Woman”, Zulma is now engaged in creating the International movement “MMD” (woMen who Make a Difference; Mujeres que Marcan la Diferencia) aimed at the development of consciousness in women.  2010 – 2012.

Professional History

1967-1970 – The Primal Institute of Los Angeles. Trainee under Dr. Arthur Janov.

1970-1973 – Private Primal Therapy practice in London, U.K.

1973-1982 –India.  Lecturer, groupleader, trainer for ISABS and Tata Management Training Centre.  Personal research into meditation and oriental philosophy.

1982-1987 – Private Practice, California and New York. Co-hostessing “Dimensions in Parapsychology” for New York City’s Manhattan Cable TV, a New York cable television programme consisting of dialogues with world-known researchers, writers, parapsychologists and artists in all fields of human endeavour. Onset of the Inner Alchemy School in New York.

1987-1994 – Lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops and training programs in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay. The founding and expansion of the Centre for Inner Alchemy in São Paulo, Brazil.

1994-1999 – Expansion of the School of Consciousness to the Continent with the publication of the Inner Alchemy books in Europe. Workshops, seminars and trainings, international congresses.

1999 – The Inner Alchemy University of Consciousness (U.N.I.C.A.) in São Paulo, Brazil, with training in five disciplines: philosophy, the psychology of consciousness, human energetic systems, meditation, and human relations.

2000 – The emergence of the Inner Alchemy Centre in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

2005 – 2011 – Spiritual coaching, tutorials and group training programmes with multi-lingual groups.

2011 – Publication of “The Inner Woman” / “La Mujer Interior” (Spain)/ “La Inteligencia Femenina” (Mexico) with focus on the feminine journey.  Conferences and in-depth individual as well as group trainings and retreats.

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  1. Lilyth

    Hay la posibilidad de poder acceder a tus publicaciones y a tu blog en español. Realmente estaria muy interesada.
    Cordiales saludos desde España

  2. theinnerwoman

    Dear Lilyth,
    An identical copy of everything here (in this blog in English) appears in the Spanish blog. Please go to the opening page of the blog and on the right hand column you will see where to access the blog and all the information you wish, in Spanish. – Thank you for your interest and hope to see you on the “Spanish side”! xxx ZR

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