Breaking Ground


To introduce and then establish the Feminine Principle in the structure of our world demands taking risks that people in power are not willing to take.  It calls for a lot more than well-meaning rhetoric about feminine attributes.  It requires living these attributes and exploring them through to the end, entailing validating the experience of feeling-sensitivity and its formidable power to influence and hold ground.

There are few if any feminine precedents to follow, none of them clear or appropriate.  Matriarchal societies pertain to another era, a more tribal phase of development when humanity was not as developed globally.  Atlantean, Lemurian, and pre-dynastic Egyptian societies upheld a kind of equality, localised in places during certain periods of time.  The record of this is difficult to decode and it is unlikely that it be accepted by the rational consensus.  We not only constitute a different cultural model now, we actually think and feel differently.

The example of the Amazons is exciting, appealing to the aggressive instincts of a modern psyche.  Their model advocated “separate but equal” rights and functions for women and men, but proves wholly inadequate for a time when both genders have attained psychic and intellectual powers in a technological global framework.

But… if we notice, there was a time in our written history when for a very brief moment, the Feminine Principle was introduced and held by a small community that would later influence all humanity. Women were given leadership roles and allowed to develop and command in a parallel fashion to the men.  It was grudgingly tolerated because of the force field of one person, its leader.  When he died it was promptly and brutally crushed.  The man was Jesus and the woman who led by his side was Mary Magdalene.  History hardly acknowledges that movement, save for a few sentences in Gnostic literature that refer to the “masculinity” of Magdalene’s mind.

The strong opposition raised by the apostle Peter and his group, ultimately championed and imposed by Paul, made it impossible for Mary and her feminine companions to introduce the Feminine Principle into society.  It did, however, persist in inner circles and in this manner planted a seed in the planet’s consciousness.  Now the seed is breaking ground.  Neither woman’s knowing-intuition nor men’s intelligent will-to-be will allow another two thousand years to go by.

Women everywhere are compelled to arise and DO something.  We do not yet know what it is, or how it can be done. We feel, we know, we may even speak clearly about what we perceive, but we lack confidence in applying the skills to manifest a coherent result that is not a continuation of the past.  The reason is that we have always left the building part to the men.  It is they who normally set the rules and establish the parameters in our world.  Now it is our responsibility to guard the process of transforming the originality of our impulses into viable methodology for implementation, without it getting lost in translation.

Men have recently elaborated logical ways of reasonably and serenely incorporating the ideals of the feminine, but in the end we have the same rhetoric that has snuffed out and continues to snuff out the feeling nature of humanity.  The question is that the solution is in the process itself and not just in the end result.

Mary Magdalene was a feisty woman of tremendous emotional and psychic power, a good cross between the eastern Kali and Mother Mary who shaped her.  Men desired her and sought to control her, but as far as the masculine psyche is concerned she was and continues to be a challenge.  She represents the “inconvenient truth” in today’s world, intelligent, capable, resourceful, appealing, charismatic and unrelenting.  Humans, angels and demons must obey.  She was Jesus’ counterpart, the model for the way of the future, meaning today.

And this is where we find ourselves now:  women’s sense of life-urgency bursting through and men’s love of power clinging to control.  The illusion of power-sharing and co-creation elaborated by the business mind, or the insistent Flower-Power now called New Age “flow” are yet other attempts to focus on surface impressions and bide time.  Inwardly the structure is crumbling.

How and when the true feminine spirit in action will gain ground is anyone’s guess.  We are stuck in the “how”.  At the moment the step forward depends entirely on whether we revert to bellicose Amazonian tactics or can rescue the pre-dynastic intiatiatic magic of the ancient Priestess.  Or better still, find a new way that expresses the mentality and needs of today.

It is obvious that dialogue is not enough.  Today, both sides are much too defensive of their positions and hunger for power to be able to arrive at a genuine blend.  At best an arrangement is reached, one that lacks depth and authenticity for each.  The straight line of reasoning that has defined both the artistry of diplomacy, as well as the devastation of conquest, is wholly inappropriate to the feminine way.  We cannot go on bulldozing and thinking we can control one another, or Nature herself.  However, resistance to this essential change from both women and men is all too formidable.

The battle for the implementation of the Feminine Principle is on two fronts.  The first entails explaining to the men that we are not wishing to replace them or compete with them, but simply need our space.  The second, and perhaps the hardest, entails convincing women themselves that they are something else than a partner to a man.  This means that a woman’s identity is not based on imitating, comparing or measuring herself against them.

The preliminaries to discovering the ingredients of the feminine spirit must invariably involve the elimination of everything that it is not. This process of redefinition is at a standstill as long as men, and some women, insist that it is competitive or isolationist.   It is imperative that everyone understands that this necessary step does not seek to accuse, judge, blame or implicate the men.

It would be most helpful if men would understand that most of what a woman thinks she is, is based on what she has been told she should be.  Instead of feeling alluded to or defensive, instead of identifying with issues and faculties that will repeatedly represent them as well, men would support us best if they could stand aside for a little while.  Some men, the ones who know that they do not have all the answers, recognise that what needs to happen now entails something different from what they themselves contribute.


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