Published as: Legacy: A Soul’s Journey,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 24, 2018)

From the singular vision of Spirit contemplating the journey of Earth as a Planet of Peace, multiple perspectives invite the reader to submerge into a perpetual ebbing of resonance, texture and melodies. The protagonist emerges from the beginning of time and the origins of the human race. She is Aa Meh Lia, emanation of a Saharian group soul whose lives recall the course of civilizations, offering the reader glimpses of known and unknown lives. The purpose: integration of personal and collective, masculine and feminine aspects, foreseeing a lofty future for humanity and the planet.

vol3 Over a backdrop of dramatic multicultural influences in an atmosphere of tenaciously naïve hope as well as uncertainty, suspicion and disappointment, these pages focus is on the multileveled perception of a spiritual teacher, revealing firsthand the dynamics that led to the founding of a still thriving therapy center and community. They cover ten years in the life of the author revolving around the relationship of master-disciple, the questionable nature of surrender, the manipulative shadows of credibility, and above all personal responsibility

Mastery, The Path of Inner Alchemy
 inneralchemy published as:Mastery, The Path of Inner Alchemy, 
Janus Publishers, London, England. 
Alquimia Interior, 
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil. 
Alquimia Interior 
Editorial Kier, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Innere Alchemie, Der Weg der Meisterschaft
Bauer Verlag of Frieburg, Germany.
L’Alchimie Intérieure, 
Les Editions du Gange, France
Death and Rebirth, The Ultimate Alchemy,
 Muerte y Renacimiento published as:Morte e Renascimento: A Alquimia Suprema,
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil. 
Muerte y Renascimiento: La Suprema Alquimia, 
Editorial Kier, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Inner Woman
 The Inner Woman Published as: The Inner Woman,
Full Court Press (October 5, 2010)
Karma and Sexuality, The Transforming Energies of Spiritual Development
 karma published as:Karma e Sexualidade: A Experiência Alquímica Humana, 
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil. 
Karma y Sexualidad: La Experiencia Alquimica Humana 
Editorial Kier, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Feuer und Licht, 
Windpferd Verlag in Germany. 
Kapma n Cekcyaлbhoctb, 
Publisher Akbapnym. Moscow, Russia. 
Karma & Sexuality: The Transforming Energies of Spiritual Development”,
Ashgrove Publishing, London.
The Journey, The Other Side of Ego
 La Jornada published as:La Jornada, La Otra Cara del Ego, 
Plural Singular Ediciones SL, Madrid, España. 
A Jornada, A Outra Face do Ego, 
Editorial Pergaminho, Lisboa, Portugal.
Love and Peace, Relationship Dynamics
 Amor y Paz published as:Amor e Paz, A Dinámica das Relações,
Editorial Pergaminho, Lisboa, Portugal.
Practical Guide to the Chakras
 Guía práctica de los chakras published as:Guia Prático dos Chakras, 
Editorial Pergaminho, Lisboa, Portugal
Living in the Matrix, Ending Dualism
 viviendo-en-la-matrix published as:Vivendo Na Matrix, Fim do Dualismo, 
Editora Novo Século, São Paulo, Brazil. 
Viviendo En La Matrix, El Fin de la Dualidad,
Editora Pluma y Papel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Letters to My Daughter, The Woman of the Future
 Carta a mi hija published as:Cartas Para Minha Filha, A Mulher do Futuro, 
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil.
In The Absence of Love, The Process of Quintessence
 La Quintaesencia published as:Na Ausência de Amor, O Processo da Quintessência, 
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil. 
La Quintaesencia: Domando lo Indomable,
mtm editores, Barcelona, España.
Sunshine On Diamonds, The Love of the Sacred Fire
 Amor do Fogo Sagrado published as:O Amor do Fogo Sagrado, A Divina Alquimia,
Editora Ground, São Paulo, Brazil.


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