Neutrality comes from wholeness. It does not imply tolerance, effort, control or calculation. It is the state of human intelligence when not under the grip of ambition or outside control. The Neutral Mind is the true Intelligence of a human being embracing its humanity and its divinity. The posture releases a powerful force capable of transforming our world. ZR

Every serious student of Truth is faced with a great challenge: to acquire neutrality that starts with self. For this the person has to break with the habit of accepting face values and indulging in personalized thinking, radically altering the dynamic of understanding and managing data, and adopting a causal perspective of life dynamics. This requires a flexible mind that decodes perception separately from personal identity.

Usually we learn, understand and evaluate through a linear mind that manages isolated events and impresses them with fixed meanings. We analyze everything in this way. Except in rare instances, we do not employ holistic vision, which in our work we call the “Neutral” or the “Christ Mind.”

To access this mind, […]



I am woman, the live coal at the bottom of the sea.  My breath awakens hunger and the thirst of humanity for a God that reaches all, and being thus devours and transforms everything.  I am as coveted as I am feared.

I will never be able to reveal the fullness of myself, which is why you cannot know me.  My pain and anger, the incongruences of my personality are but reflections of a fathomless inner ocean.  As a man you tend to relate in segments, cutting life up into portions and artificially classifying it in order to feel comfortable and in control of what you cannot understand.  If you could walk on hot embers, would you survive the bottom of the sea… to know me, feel me within, as Totality? Can you perhaps swim well enough to not drown in the maelstrom of my depths?

I am here to remind you through flesh and feelings that that which you search for in the heights and which you relegate to an unreachable space in sterile quietude, lives here and now […]


THE FEMININE IMPERATIVE: Cornerstone for Global Change

Climate changes, gender issues, slavery, and animal rights are discussed at great length while business goes on as usual. Do we rely any less on oil and toxic chemicals? Do women respect themselves for who and what they are, rather than what they do? Does trafficking of people diminish, and individual women, men, and children acquire more importance than expected performance? Does the exploitation of species, and more precisely subtle forms of domestic animal abuse cease? And most of all, do we consider how our personal lives include power plays, forms of torture, and negotiation bordering on cheap barter and extorted privilege? We lie and cheat one another and ourselves every second of our waking life while paying lip service to imagined ethics.

Something is wrong when questioning is prized over living the question and we content ourselves with theoretical probes and exceptions. Intelligent issues are not always coherent with the quality of the lives of those who phrase them. What might be looms larger than what is. And numbers, statistics, titles, charts…persistently replace the […]

The Pinnacle of Life


Women and men desire to work together, side by side in true partnership.  The problem is that when we come together we do so out of lack rather than fullness.  We believe the other is meant to complete or balance us, and seem to be attracted to projections of ourselves, or what we believe we need, instead of to differences that might prove challenging and obligate us to assume full responsibility for ourselves.  We expect to be loved for what we do and love others for how they present themselves, rather than for what one is.  In the professional field we judge and compete according to predetermined goals and standards, rather than distinguish unique faculties, attributes and unforeseen perspectives.  This is no ground for partnership.

We need to redefine partnership, the couple, and equality as the co-existence of difference and uniqueness.  Rather than the common belief that genders compliment one another, that they are halves of a whole, and that we must “help” one another, each of us might strive to be whole and authentic.

We pay a […]



The foundation of spirituality is meditation. What defines it?

The intent and the journey itself are the determining factors. Arriving at a special inner space where we feel full, authentic, centered, focused, clear and empowered requires that we allow ourselves to perceive beyond material and mental objectives. When we become aware of process rather than end result, the reality that reveals itself to us is expansive, deep, inclusive and highly satisfying. Whatever the style, the goal in meditation is the experience of a natural transcendence that awakens usually hidden aspects of life.

It is a common mistake to think that we “do” meditation. In truth, the only activity involved is whatever is necessary to shift our attention away from common distractions so that we perceive a much broader scenario. Meditation captures motion and impressions that occur beyond the threshold of ordinary senses. For the authentic meditator it includes daily life and all the in-betweens, particularly other dimensions of Consciousness. It involves the subtle world of sensitivities and experiences so characteristic of higher dimensional levels. In this sense, high philosophy and […]



In all creation, forms are intrinsically linked through vital filaments emanating from a source, be it the Creator, man, animals, insects and plants, the earth or the solar system. Such is the silver cord that joins our body to the soul; the DNA that recalls the history of our ancestors and our physical predisposition; and the umbilical cord that nourishes the offspring. Similarly, our world is connected to us; it is an extension of our personal energies. We are destined to be associated to other forms of life and to the consequence of our acts. Linked, not “attached”. Attachment is not part of the Law; it is an artificial condition, created through misuse of human will and desire.

Let’s talk about the immediate personal world and see attachment for what it is: a mental habit that uses the energy of thought to strengthen ties with another life form. A custom that exploits emotions, creating powerful thought forms that sensorially link parts together. It can be considered a kind of appropriation, whose purpose is to control and evoke continuity, utility, and comfort. […]




Continuation of Know Thyself XXI “To Step Aside”

It is no longer enough to step aside and “see” oneself and one’s creations.

To be whole we need to rescue, integrate and become responsible

for the energies that the egoism of the personality

has usurped with its automatic conditioning and behaviour.


“The Leap” defines the end of the self-indulgence

that nourishes egoism.


INNER ALCHEMY teaches us to distinguish between the observer (a neutral state) and the thinker (ordinary thinking that reflects personal interests) in a continuous process of Introspection. It becomes difficult to do when the thinker poses as intelligent observer.

Thoughts weave together naturally, forming an automatic chain of progressive stimulation that seasons our life. We believe that they define us and that we control them, but they are self-indulgent, lazy, compulsive, sensual, obsessive and absorbing. They promise independence, self-sufficiency, and importance. Possessive and jealous, they construct a powerful self-absorbed identity that doesn’t leave much room for the free and altruistic consciousness […]



(translation from Spanish, originally published in the Argentine magazine, UNO MISMO, April/May 2016

There are two laws that rule over the construction and dynamic of the forms that define human beings, our world, and our reality. One applies to matter and the other to spirit. The one that rules material structure reveals dynamics that process physical polarity and in the case of the human being, also psychological. The Law that governs spirit is singular, holistic and transcendental. There is no formula. It engenders, dissolves, transmutes, refines and elevates. It guides and transcends human intelligence when we have understood, embraced and embodied a life in neutrality, refinement and elevation. Until then, our intelligence reflects attributes of matter, with which it identifies. To awaken Consciousness, it is fundamental to understand and embrace physical laws in order that, by respecting them, we come to master them.

In our system, the two forces that work in parallel fashion to determine the material universe, evolution and human elevation, are called the Masculine […]


Being Nice

Instinct leads us to survive under any and all circumstances, sparking tremendous creativity that falls into patterns that compose our self-identity and behavior. Our personality is a monument to the kind of social pressures that have shaped us – family, friends, colleagues, spirit of the time – reflecting a type. Every individual invariably falls into one kind, and every generation grows the same ones over and over again. There is nothing original or unique about personality.

Some of us construct more attractive façades than others, yet every single one of them is forged on adaptation, a series of mechanisms that assures human response, buffeting isolation and aloneness. Still, behavioral masks come at the cost of soul contact and harbor disagreeable although often veiled characteristics, unconsciousness, anger and fear. Somewhere too, beautiful soul characteristics manage to surface from time to time, although scratching the surface, it is not difficult to discover flaws of selfishness.

There is one type of identity pattern that wins the popularity contest and manages to evade criticism. Everybody likes a nice person. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable and […]

“Legacy: a soul´s journey”

Zulma Reyo’s most recent book after the publication in 2011 of “The Inner Woman”,

was launched worldwide on 30 May in Mallorca.

The Puertorrican writer acknowledged before the audience, “It wasn´t easy to make sense of the information that had been gathering inside of me for a long time.” As she says, we are dealing “with “a historical account of Earth, humanity, individual life, gender and above all, the teaching and spiritual transmission throughout the ages.”

In its pages, several historical characters are analyzed, women and men, in order to better understand the evolution of the human being to our days.  She says, “with the intention of helping us to understand where we come from and the origin of gender perspective.”  Reyo submerges the reading in an inquiry of the possibilities that woman has before her and her relationship with man, prompting us to glimpse how the role of woman will be essential and direct in the improvement of our common world.  A total experience in which the urge is to release the ballast of […]

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