Being and The Mother Cell

THE MOTHER CELLstem-cell-intro

In Spanish, a stem cell is called a “célula Madre”, meaning “Mother Cell”.

The consciousness of the Inner Woman is like that of a Mother Cell over her molecular surroundings.  She repairs and reconstructs, regenerates and renews.

A Mother Cell, guardian of the original pattern of atomic life, maintains impeccable silence until it is activated by discord.  It then reminds an unwell body the vibratory rhythm of its original pattern of perfection.  It catalyses.  It produces a number of possibilities of itself.  In this way Nature works in silent harmony, reproducing and dividing itself without losing its integrity.  Through the law of synchrony, everything responds to its pattern and manifests accordingly.  This reminds us of the state of Being of a person who, in his or her pure form transmits harmony to its body, its world, and its creations.

The human heart works in similar manner.  According to investigations, heart neurons work independently from the rest of the body.  The heart sustains and renews life and furnishes warmth for human feeling.  It is the subtle connection with all sensible life and the dynamic motor generating physical life.

We are always “doing” when it is much easier to simply “be”.  Conscious Being sensibility offers a kind of intelligence that goes beyond understanding and appeals to naturalness and simplicity.   It IS simply itself.  It emerges in silence, communion, and spontaneous connection.

The thinking mind, on the other hand, follows other objectives.  It constructs an artificial order that instead of collaborating, fabricates.  If we were to stop the linear impulse of thought, another kind of movement arises, one that is concentric and reverberates as emptiness.  This apparent nothingness is the soul of all that is and every thing.  To reach it is to attain the possibility of initiating real change.  Genuine transformation begins in the human being that governs his world and transmits its quality by being.

You create the difference in your body, in your life, and in your environment.  And you decide.  Being is the spontaneous manifestation of silence, invisible matrix of the whole – that which irradiates and qualifies.  To positively affect the nucleus that governs the world involves a return to original Being, the stillness that lies at the heart of everything that exists.

The way to refine and restructure our world is through positive contagion, like the Mother Cell.  Like you do when you reach the innermost centre of your being.  Inverting the order and the direction of lineal thought that has up to now ruled the world, you actually will change the world.

Silent synchronicity with the sensibility of the cell, with the heart, and with all of Nature requires a very intense state of vibration that transcends mind-matter.  It is the language of Being that fades into a backdrop that supports linear evolution and the construction of a new world.

The feeling that emanates from this centre is like a sun nourishing its system.  Like a Mother Cell.

(illustration: human-embryonic-stem-cell-colony)

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