Be Loved, Beloved


(in memory of Mary Magdalene)

What is not written anywhere,
Is embedded in memory
as the pulsation of Being.

I remember being loved once,
in another life, in another time,
a love as deep as it is wide.
A resonating field that contains,
and blesses every sense with grace.
Meanings that embrace meanings
Emptiness and fullness
Ebbing and flowing.
inexplicable and secret.
Knowing without knowing.
A place of seeing
within my Self.

Without searching,
I sensed him near.
Walking, I saw his feet before me
and then besides me.
I recognized the sandals that he wore,
sensed the texture of his robe,
felt my hand in his, his in mine,
knew that kindred energy that brought me Life.
Dignified, direct, and frank.
What he did not say
his eyes conveyed,
filling the space around us
with the radiance of his Presence.

Happiness is not a word
that could describe
being loved by such a One.
Trust stronger than fear.
Containment and stillness
in the face of turmoil.
in a world of guise and ruse.

When he spoke I “knew”
and he knew that I knew.
It all seemed so easy:
Intimacy and common sense,
so concrete and yet ephemeral.
in natural ways
where talk and play
blended with journeys
into worlds that we had always known.

There were always two realities,
and this apart from all the rest.
We lived, breathed, communicated as one
In heaven and earth at once.
While the appearance world veiled
levels and shades of life seeking relief.
My moods, those of the earth within me,
the spirits and the demons,
the elementals and the forces
surrounding us,
were a thermometer that he would use
to teach and heal.

My body was seldom mine
except when it was his,
or I was in our world with him.
When I delved with souls
and thought-forms,
he would hoist me up
to stars and planets and realms of suns.
I was his ground, his guardian of the dark,
the roots that gave him strength,
courage, and stamina to persevere.

He was my Light and passage home.
He was humour and height, brilliance,
insight and tenderness.
Wise in the way of stars and armed
with the strength of a diamond heart.
I was the other.
dark and enigmatic,
trained in the mysteries of earth and heaven.

In embracing one another
we became the other
and treasured the difference
as our own.
He learned to cry and feel my pain:
I learned to laugh and play
like I never had before
or would again.

Making love was diving
into depths of inner earth
and reaching endlessness itself,
so very private and yet embracing.
I rode a beam to Infinity
as he dove into infinity within me.
He revealed my femininity, my different self
in power, purity and pride,
to treasure and explore
the Wisdom in the gender of my choice.

He was my Light.
He was my shelter.
He was my Life that I might give life.
I was the earth, he was the angel.
The One whom Nature loved.
Man as he was meant to be.

He who sought refuge in me
while being refuge himself.
looked to the heavens,
while I looked to the fruits of earth.
I bridged the worlds
for him to cross,
while he gave me force
to bridge the crosses of the world.

He lived that I might lead,
and walk the earth in memory of us,
what we had been and can be:
father, mother, sister, brother, lover, friend.
That I might live, and guide, and speak
of Truths from earth herself.
Every woman’s woman.
Every man’s soul.

Be loved, Beloved.
Be Still –
I Am your precious Love
streaming upon the world.

I am Womanhood.

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