The Basis and Technology for the Construction of Transmuting Thought-forms.

Alchemy is transmutation. The alchemical process requires immersion into multidimensional frequencies that originate in the plane of Consciousness. This represents an alliance between our human faculties and the supra-mental forces of Intelligence that modulate physical matter and ordinary thought.

This book is addressed to students of Divine Alchemy who wish to become familiar with the ingredients at his or her disposal. Above all it is a manual of the world of frequencies, textures, and colour that underlies physical manifestation. The information given here has been obtained from various sources.

Originally created as instructional material for my students, it is now available to every alchemist who feels attracted to this method.

This book is a manual for the study and application of Light. A healthy and conscious body and personality allow the practitioner of Divine Alchemy to evoke and apply colour, form, texture, rhythm and frequency to refine the vibrational level of life everywhere.

The visualisations and practices suggested here evoke states of Being and conditions that conform to the heritage of every human being who takes the leap in Consciousness from the material world to the many dimensions of Being, connecting therefore worlds of light with the universe of Light.


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