Odilon Redon - Birth of Venus

Odilon Redon – Birth of Venus


As women, today we intuit possibilities that are mind shattering.  We sense abysmal and glorious depths that sometimes frighten us.  We yearn, we desire… apparently impossible things!  And these seem right, natural, just and necessary.  We are compelled into action, although the leadership of the past no longer suits us.  We know that we know, although we don’t quite know what it is that we know.  These irrational perceptions radically alter us, our conception of our society, the world and ourselves. With deep gratitude for what has gone on before, knowing that our time has come, we now seek genuine feminine attainment, governance and administration that is not based on the models of the past.

Long ago, a woman learned about her own nature in temples with her elders, keeping the tradition of a “veiled” Isis, but today those veils have fallen.  Woman is experiencing a mystery that can be confusing, perturbing and agonizing.  This is because development in women has never been and cannot be logical.  Woman is built to manage the ebb and flow of creation.  She has always been a weaver and a birther, a shaker and an initiator, as easy in the depths of fear, insecurity, and anxiety, as she is executing functions and caretaking in the world.  The time has come for her to construct a cohesive bridge between social and inner life, between the visible and the invisible that is surfacing from within her. 

Women can no longer bear to be a reflection of another, or follow established patterns.  With every fiber of her being she knows that there is more to life.  Her imposed obligations literally feel like a corset she is no longer willing to wear. Woman has matured.  She wears the badge of discernment; she understands at last the important distinction between commitments to others and the greater commitment to Self.  An overwhelming sense of Justice leads her, one that whispers truth, equilibrium and order for all.

Women are natural visionaries, incorporating wordlessly the path of our own feminine mysteries.  With every step, every glance, a woman knows truth from falsity, reality from appearance.  We walk the razor-thin line between thought and feeling as we develop Consciousness and distinguish it from the thousands of laws, obligations, judgments, prejudices, and instructions handed down to us.  Our invincible strength in handling emotions without destroying the source from which they spring, reminds us that there is no turning back. 

It has never been about what a woman does or what she attains.  It is ultimately about the comprehension of the supreme illogical Reality that she embodies; it is about the management of self and the worlds that she contains.  When a woman knows that she Knows, she receives the revelation of The Law – the one that draws everything together: what some call Love and others Truth.  She is the foundation of our world.  A woman’s relationship with a man was never about self-development but about inner awakening and companionship in total equality and difference. 

Woman breathes the language of sentience beyond words, which is why it has taken her so long to understand the vocabulary and faculties of her heart as Intelligence.  She yearns to be and express the Infinite that she is.  She discovers herself and her divine function through resonance.  Unlike in the systems of the past, she needs no instruction, only Presence and the confidence that only another woman can inspire in her.

Now is the time for Feminine Mysteries, as she who is always the magnetism of the moon arrives at solar fullness majestically.



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