A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part III (Final)

Planck Mission, Matter in the Observable Universe

Planck Mission, Matter in the Observable Universe

A CALL TO EXECUTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN– Part III  (originally published 2013)

What usually stops a woman from discovering and then attaining to her fullness is her often-unintentional emotional involvement with her surrounding world.  This characteristic defines her difficulty as well as her inimitable strength in the energy-world ruled by sensitivity as a tool, richer and more accurate than intuition.

Nobody has the right to dictate what you are, what you wish, or to impose the direction of your life. You determine this yourself, based on a clear perception of causes, and the probable effects that you set into motion. This implies the conscious and deliberate knowledge and management of your own energies, as the prerequisite for the management of your world.

Self mastery doesn’t happen through nice behaviour; it requires hard work in going against the tide.  It consists in clearing up all that is not real in your world, the beliefs, the illusions, the superficial, the obsession with purely cutaneous sensations, and the addiction to the intensity of false emotions.  It requires effort to leave the known and enter into the Real, but, in the end, it is less strenuous than the pressure and stress of sustaining what you are not in a world of make-believe.

Understand, there are no “good” or “bad” circumstances by themselves; only the comfortable and convenient, uncomfortable and inconvenient, or appropriate and fair results of your actions.  Ultimately, all choices lead to the full, round experience of Self and to mastery.


Whenever a man appears in a gathering of women, women’s energetic configuration responds automatically to his. This is neither good nor bad; it simply is so.  This means that women’s training must be conscious, private and individual, and it must occur apart from the men, as well as in pockets of time and space separate from every day activities.   This should not be seen as something difficult or negative.  Too much is at stake. Much needs to change in our world today and will occur when powerful women come together to discover and use their inner power with intention and integrity, as a result of proper training.

Genuine feminine spirituality deals with energies and forces of which woman is an instrument.  Unlike men, women do not have to learn magic; we are it.  We do not need to go through the mysteries, as ancient adepts did; we live them daily and only need to recognize it.  When we refer to spirituality, we are not aware that the discipline involved in it.  It is a straight and narrow path for men, but not so for women.  The spiritual path for a woman is one of inclusiveness.

It is not more information or instructions that the woman leader needs.  The kind of skills she is heir to are transmitted, grasped and re-awakened, re-focussed and consciously addressed.  Deeply ethical principles and know-how arise out of personal experience in the handling of personal physical, mental and emotional forces.  These lead to the fine-tuning and awakening of yet more subtle energy fields that are that much more powerful.  The purpose must be directed to refining perception and learning to channel physical and subtle energies deliberately, positively, and effectively.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mq4OsUcZvM&feature=youtu.be

The Inner Woman may be a yoga teacher or a businesswoman.  In this century, in this age, the teaching is aimed at the woman who cares enough to look around, understand, decode and transmit what she knows for the benefit of those surrounding her and the future.

A weaker woman can succumb to the glamor of a false power perceived in the experience of energies that are invisible to the naked eye, but not so the executive and professional woman who is anchored in the material world. But, she must be clear: what does she intend with the power that she wields?  Behind every professional woman is the fear that she is not good enough. She also knows that the days of brute, uncompromising power are counted.  She knows that she knows, and often that she “can”, but she doesn’t know how this happens.  She still lives in an accidental world where control must be fierce, but nevertheless unreliable.


A woman who administers substance on many levels relies on an alignment of her body energies.  In order to be truly and fully present and powerful, with access to all faculties and qualities, a woman must know herself in both the physical as well as in the more subtle aspects of herself and the world she inhabits.  Then she must sustain the experience of these energies through her body in a continuous state of presence that she learns to enjoy, cherish, and prefer.

The precondition for generation and management of power is the mastery over three aspects known as “bodies” or fields of the personality.  These are the physical, the emotional, and the mental.   The woman-in-training must learn to distinguish among them, trigger each consciously, and also know how to still them, learning to switch on and off while maintaining control of her base energy, that energy channel that flows directly from Source into her.

For a woman this preliminary step is especially important and decisive.  It will allow her to contact those elements that compose all form and hold power within every manifestation.

At a very basic level of apprenticeship, a woman must acquire a lucid and tangible grasp of what her true centre of force is, as well as arrive at a clear understanding of what she wants above all evident and peripheral possibilities. Ultimately she must develop a broad understanding of real priorities and how these fit into her scheme of personal desires.

As an intermediary phase, I propose a series of practices that develop different kinds of awareness relating to energy perception and management.  The final proof comes through the feeling-experience produced at each level in the management of the elements and the collective force achieved.  The focus is on the feeling of what is happening rather than on whatever effect might be desired.

Each energy state must be held before proceeding to the next and finally to the whole, as the person tests their management of force.  The final release of energy is channelled into a clear visual context, where the possible effects are observed on a mental screen, to neutrally watch the course of manifestation.

A mental blueprint is created that will act as powerfully and precisely as each stage is correctly executed.  The configuration of forces must be sustained until the physical conditions respond by congealing possibilities according to ethical considerations.  These last steps provide the participant with a sense of grounding, pressure, presence, and probability in the manifestation of her purposes.


This kind of training may appear difficult, especially because it demands putting aside usual distractions.

A professional woman knows what it is like to train and then arrow herself towards her objective.  Training in the use of energy and force requires an equivalent kind of interest and intent, with the difference is that it must be goal free.  The moment a practical purpose is attached to the practice, the process becomes a mental exercise in ambition.  Instead, this is training in the generation and application of energy dynamics.

These skills are the opposite of brute force surrounding mental focussing, willpower and delineated objectives that typify our commercial world.  They go farther than the linear intelligence necessary for target practice, enfolding worlds and situations rather than mere individual parts.  It is important that each step be practiced in and for itself, before the whole can be successfully applied to determined objectives.

The dynamics described here call on the knowledge of inward positioning as well as peripheral awareness, in compliance with the ways and rhythms of Nature herself.  The directing mind arises from a place of unity with the whole, perceived through the singular centre of Self.

In this state of being, a woman expands into her full potential. There is no insecurity or fear because there are no empty spaces.  Her priorities have altered.  She feels whole because in fact she IS whole.  She is in her centre as cause over her world, rather than as a result of the world surrounding her.

“Feminine Mysteries” knows about the difficulty of treading the path alone.  We know the difference between appearance and essence.  We understand and cultivate the bridge between the seen and the unseen, between matter and infinity.  When the student is willing, we take her by the hand and lead her into herself.

Usually, in the Retreats where I work with a staff trained by me, I lead the exercises step by step.  For those women who would like to attempt a preparation on their own, I am providing the link to a separate entry that I have made especially for the professional woman in the section called “Exercises”.


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