A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part II

originally published in 2013

business model vs inner dynamic.001The experience of a great number of professional women tells them that there is ceiling, a limit imposed that is both transparent and tangible, like glass. Restrained by the schema of the current male cycle, they feel unable to be themselves and free, and sense an overwhelming need to break through. The permission now granted by the ruling powers to “approve” of women in executive positions and to implement what in their view are “feminine” work ethics, only reinforces the old regime that regulates women according to one fixed pattern, mens’.  The only way out, apparently, is to push against the current with the same aggressive force used by the opposition.  It is a tug of war that only depletes women and leads nowhere.

Science tells us that only a superior force can win over another.  The difference must be one of quality and intensity.  Women have it but don’t recognize it.  At the moment, they are shadowboxing with their own phantoms, an accrued emotional warehouse of feminine frustration down the ages.  When we confront a belief, as we do in the workplace, notorious male territory, we come from an emotional reactive space of impotence rather than strength.

Whereas many of us do not feel that ceiling, the fact that so many believe and therefore experience it, is alarming. This barrier, or better said the belief that there is a barrier, cannot be eliminated through replacement.  The belief itself feeds, provokes, and perpetuates real and tangible limits.  To eradicate profound and ancient fear, and break through mental and physical barriers, something else is needed.  A change of belief is not enough.

Beliefs burrow deeply inside the psyche and require a tremendous amount of awareness, energy, and intelligence to diminish.  Even so, they never completely disappear.  When least guarded or when emotionally weakened, they spring up again and take hold of our feeling-nature to resonate through the body.  Without knowing how they manage to slide through, they come to mind with a vengeance, to make us doubt ourselves.  Such is the route that beliefs take in a woman’s constitution.

A woman “knows” in a different way than a man.  What is “real” comes through our body sensors and is interpreted through the feelings.  Some of us are highly skilled with the intellect, but this does not modify the way we feel deep inside, beyond surface postures of confidence and busy-ness.  A woman needs to bypass these external influences to experience the inner core that anchors her in a reality that is irreversible, as she embraces the serene centre of a cyclone and becomes a dynamic creative force that ignites all of creation.  She cannot yet identify that energy or know what it is capable of producing.

The world of energy a woman handles points to a discipline that requires serious consideration.  Energies are things.  The fact that we do not see them, does not mean that they do not exist.  They occupy space and move in rhythms and variable frequencies.  They underlie every single phenomenon in the universe.  We handle and shape them all the time.  But we only know them by their effects, the forms and conditions they create. Through a mysteries’ school, a woman is taught how to identify, diagnose, and modify her own energetic field and influence the world around her.

Structurally and energetically all women have the same faculties and capacities.  We respond to a particular physical and subtle structure. There are many, many centres in both genders that account for differentiated powers, and faculties.  Unfortunately, the feminine and masculine energetic anatomy is hardly known.  Men have been the form givers, but women are linked to invisible causes and resonate with nuances that extend much farther than human feelings or intellectual artifices.  No matter what we do or not do, a woman creates a stir of forces wherever she is.  Rather than being a distraction or a disturbance, as we have been led to believe, a woman’s presence announces the gestation of continuous possibility.

The energetic dimension feeds and shapes reality with forces that are conditioned and modified by human intervention.  Our minds, feelings and actions qualify what we see and what we create. Structurally, men have a greater ability to visualize and shape, while women have a unique capacity to generate, gestate, and modulate.  It is the way of the universe and we, as genders, are but one expression of these eternal creative processes.  Knowledge of these dynamics especially enhances feminine intuition, influence, and performance, as world changes now depend heavily upon women reclaiming their powers and doing their part as leaders.

Beyond the conceptual arena and mental administration upon which current management is based, in-depth knowledge of the world of energy reveals two important skills that await intelligent feminine leadership:

(1) Knowledge of energy serves as a diagnostic tool that runs the gamut from the perception of subjective formations to the greater understanding of group structures and social processes.

(2) Knowledge of energy dynamics teaches us to builds forms, extending from the dynamics and forms we know and use, to the construction of processes, laws, and universal movements.

Energy dynamics reveal cause, intention, nature and quality.  The results we produce depend entirely upon the ethical quality that we emit.  We affect the universe through the substance of ourselves.  This means through the resonances of our own bodies (physical, emotional and mental).  As we are, so will be our creations.

A woman leader has the strength of purpose that the world needs today and she also carries within her the conviction of things unseen that will light the way. To bring forth the power of the faculties that lie under the surface of her edifice, she needs to put aside much of what helped her construct it.  This is not easy.

To break patterns of thinking and belief is especially arduous, as the mind doesn’t take well to being cornered.  For ordinary women the task is compounded by the difficulties posed by her naturally receptive structure; she is too easily influenced by the emotional experience of life surrounding her.  However, a woman leader thinks, plans, uses her concrete and abstract faculties and usually keeps her emotions in check.  She has no problem with conceptualization or with linear logic.  Her problems resemble those of men: dealing with her emotions.  Add to this the tremendous pressure of rejection that covered them in her effort to succeed.

It is not necessary to delve into the devastating force of the emotions but it is imperative to understand them without getting lost in them, and know what they produce in us as strengths and weaknesses.  Then we can actually use them to influence and build a better world.  But, how to get past the interference of beliefs, superstitions, public and peer pressure?

We see what we want to see, what we have been conditioned to see. The “idea-image” of what we have built as an identity does not allow us to see or feel what truly is.  The woman immersed in the competitive world of commerce will not easily accept that there is no ceiling, glass or otherwise.

Subtle beliefs are the greatest enemy, those that spring up automatically, that well up in between feelings, that haunt a woman in her dreams and then tear her down invisibly, irrationally.  This enemy can be everywhere, in the unoccupied spaces of a woman’s unclaimed body, in the unchecked gaps in her mind, and in censored feelings.  There in darkness, insecurity, and uncertainty she is most vulnerable.  Silently, in that space within, that inner voice awaits to lead her into her fullness and power, direction and knowledge that will allow her to live in freedom, if only she would hear its gentle rumble and hearken to its call.

Some common beliefs:

Success leads to personal fulfilment.  This is perhaps the strongest hope in our society today, the belief that material success can bring joy and happiness.

You can have it all, referring always to material accomplishments.  We are taught to pursue our dreams, but are not taught the distinction between personal, professional, and collective welfare, and inner and outer reality.

Competition is the best way to achieve quality.  But, how do you deal with competition when it is no longer “healthy”?  When to “stop” being competitive?  Once we have the “bone” between our teeth, we take it into our private space as well.

Believe in yourself and everything is possible.  Without the experience of the Self, whatever identity we construe is doomed to disintegrate at some point and weaken, if not sabotage, the outcome.  The focus of our attention cannot contain the full strength of our power. This belief in ourselves is built from our desires and not our real possibilities.

Think positively to have positive results.  “I want, therefore I can.” This is yet another trap.  If it were this easy everyone would be manifesting his or her desires.  The belief is naïve, superficial, and out-dated, reducing operations to the linear force of concrete mind and obstinate willpower.  The woman of today must be resilient, understand, and embrace all possibilities with amplitude, not one-pointedness.

The present system is valid; we only need to make adjustments.  Women have bought this idea as well.  There is a fear in her that holds her back from using her creative and innovative power to totally transform obsolete structures.  Herein lies the key to breaking through the “glass ceiling”, and fulfilling her role as woman.

We cannot counter a belief with another belief, nor can we break through immaterial walls and counter male domination without losing our uniqueness and genuine power, factors that we do not yet understand.  It stands to reason that we should first discover what these are.  Setting free implies applying a complex dynamic and a thorough examination of our personal and societal beliefs, as well as undergoing a conscientious training.

We have been forged to be goal-oriented.  In the feminine perspective, the process and the people are as important as the goals. In this conception, a leader is an equal member of a group, sensing, feeling, and sensitively embracing the experience of each member within herself.

Are you ready to lead from a feminine perspective?

In the feminine process, direction rather than a fixed goal is set, a flexible arena that delineates a possible outcome, subject to the ebb and flow of life’s conditions

What is required from you, to accomplish goals without fixed pre-conditions?

When a woman connects with her inner Source and that space within, she truly sees, understands and can execute whatever sets herself to, for the benefit of the whole.  For a woman, this is what realization, personal or professional, is all about; wherever she is everything and everyone around her is infinitely valued.contrasts BUS : TIW MODELS



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