A Call to Executive and Professional Women – Part I

Do you want to manifest a different world, a world that, as a woman, you know is possible?

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A woman leader today needs to be many things, including embodying the magic of the priestess.  This is why the professional woman needs to understand how spiritual precepts help her manage life and raise the level of efficiency as well as realisation and satisfaction.

Professional women who have conquered all odds to get to where they are as innovators and leaders of nations, the economy and corporations, are the greatest and most dynamic example of womanhood today.  They are also greatly misunderstood, even by themselves, paying a high price for the power they wield. Their management of strategy and positioning is admirable, equal to that of any man.  Accused of being too much like a man, in truth the devastating strength they exhibit is no less feminine; it is emblematic of the active, fiery side of woman. They bear a great burden and responsibility on firm shoulders and with a great heart.  These women see the inner dynamic of people, events and conditions.  They are sharp, but this acuity is not only intellectual or physical.  It is not made or developed; it is foundational in us as women.  We all should admire the corporate women who have the will and training to succeed it in a competitive market and the efficiency in the world that we would do well to emulate.

Unfortunately, such a woman is usually not aware of the nature of her faculties; she is just doing what “everyone” who is in a leadership position is obliged to do.  She is not aware that, in being a woman, she holds an exclusive key in the administration of energies.  She doesn’t know that she can truly transform the world if only she would break away from trends, awaken to the receptive potential she holds for new, unprecedented methods and systems, and follow her unique inner vision. This uniqueness is available to her by virtue of the peculiar receptivity of the feminine gender. The executive woman does not always know how to evoke or control the forces that end up controlling her, nor does she know how to balance them with qualities and talents that would ensure inner stability, security, and contentment.

Executive and professional career women are usually not interested in the occult side of spirituality.  For the woman who is arrowed towards success and achievement, the subject does not address the “real” world or pertinent issues.  It does not offer concrete steps or hands-on proficiency. For these women, as for the men they stand with, “Feminine Mysteries” is an airy-fairy, subjective, emotional terrain for fluffy women; it is utterly useless.  And yet it is a subject that enfolds precious skills that will catapult a woman leader into greater and more humane accomplishments.

There are two aspects to every business proposition: one relates to professional outreach, the other to personal fulfilment.  A professional woman starts out with the intention of balancing both aspirations, but leans increasingly towards job involvement, delaying personal satisfaction until a mythical “later” time.  Personal life acquires a tension; it is something “done” in intervals between projects, unless, of course, she relinquishes one or the other.  However, these two expressions are not mutually exclusive because they do not occur on the same plane.  Each is an extension of the other.  Our world does not distinguish between inner and outer dimensions of being, presenting us with a materialistic version of reality instead.  The result is that we are not aware of the deeply humane experience of wholeness and simultaneity possessed by ancients.  In that world, opposites meet and blend and we participate in the dance of insubstantial elements that determines the course of physical life. There is no either-or involved when a person’s realization is called for.  Self-realization implies wholeness.

As it stands today, the commercial model, rather than being one of many is the prototype for every other model in our modern world.  It is one where there is gain or loss, and a belief in separation, limits, goals and processes.  The subjective world of an individual mirrors this agenda and the lack of an authentic inner voice. Other than to escape into a complete and foolish absence of activity, most people do not know what the inner world is, or its importance for healthy physical manifestation.

The inner world is a rich dimension of being that has nothing to do with our psychology or with thinking itself.  It is a continuous-present activity that is not limited to sensation; neither may it be called “emotional”, for although it is predicated on sensitivity, it has no context, cause, or purpose other than extended perception that weaves within and through all of sentient life.  This perception reveals an understanding of the structure, purpose, and dynamic of life and invites us to become conscious creators.  Genuine mastery must part from this sensibility, combined with keen and precise administration of mental forces.  The female executive has already conquered the most difficult part for a woman; she has learned how to strengthen and harness her mind.  Now she must turn to the management of sensibility that will bring total mastery.

The perception skill that is forthcoming through the feminine vehicle, centred on the secret of generation and activation, is unavailable to the male gender or to the thinking mind.  It is a wholly natural activity for a female but, given current circumstances, it now requires retraining.  In this way “Feminine Mysteries” offers a road map where none before has been given; it unfolds dynamics and procedures that link a woman directly to the causes of life.

This will interest the already successful executive woman who arrives at a pinnacle of achievement only to discover that there is no rest at the top and that, at the end of the day, when she goes home to herself, there is nothing there.  Then she depends even more heavily on finding a partner who will give her the meaning that she cannot find inside herself.  The key to full inner and outer satisfaction for a woman is within herself, in that quality of the ever-present inner world.  It has always been there and brings an experience that is fundamental to her enjoyment and creativity.

It is important to understand that, in order to attain to the goals set by the worldly model, the executive or otherwise professional woman has to disconnect from the inner world.  It is a natural process for a man, but the consequences for her are ultimately destructive. The successful professional woman has built a literal bulwark around her, almost impossible to penetrate.  Outwardly driven, she appears superficial, extremely efficient, and sometimes hard.   Hopefully it is not too late and this message will get past her secretaries and clerks, her security systems and diagnostic programmes, her network of spies, counsellors, and inner courts, beyond etiquette and programming of all sorts, and especially beyond her acquired beliefs and prejudices.

The message is: professional excellence and active, genuine feminine mysticism is not incompatible; on the contrary, they reinforce one another, as the inner holds the outer in place, and the outer reflects the integrity of the inner.  Together they enhance and strengthen one another.

An executive woman tends to run almost exclusively on physical energies, spending long hours with workloads and preoccupations that do not leave time for silence and fine-tuning.  When and if she should become curious about the unknown it is to forget, not to remember who and what she is.  This is unfortunate for her and for the world she leads.

Feminine spiritual training begins with the understanding of the instruments a woman has at her disposal.  These should be a part of every woman’s education.  Such training would eliminate the shadow element that obscures feminine vision, her emotions and her sensitivity, her irrational nature, and her essentially wild creativity. Whatever her faculties and development are, whatever profession she chooses, knowledge of her inner world gives her a unique reference that the outer world can never grant.  It gives her a firm foundation in herself.  No amount of reassurance, acclaim, or relationship can ever match it.  It is confidence and the kind of clarity that is not learned, the one that springs from the brimming source within. It becomes the cornerstone from where a woman emerges with full sustainable power.

A woman trained in the mysteries, be she an executive or not, functions from Source energies.  She understands the rhythms of life and her own body, and obeys them.  She optimizes energy because she lives and breathes its patterns.  She always remembers What and Where she is. “Feminine Mysteries” readies a woman for all that life can ask of her, and for all that she might desire to attain.  It gives the trained woman the right to reach the core, connect deliberately with the quintessential inner source, and apply it to any and all phenomena.

This article is an invitation to our women leaders.  We have much to learn from one another.  Until now, their power has been measured in quantity rather than quality, by what it produces or how it is produced.  When the executive woman discovers what the woman who has cultivated her inner Presence has come to master, she will know the explicit meaning of fullness.  Without relinquishing a millimetre of the expertise and position that she has already attained in the outside world, she will embrace unlimited possibility.  This can only strengthen the values she already brings to the table in the external world by linking her to her real other half, her eternal ally, her Self.  And as she alters the world, she will discover that she is never alone.  She can rest within the power she embodies, safely, happily, having her cake and eating it too.



originally published 3 June 2013.

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